A diary open to a page that reads "Dear Younger Me," followed by a long blurb of indistinguishable text.

Hannah Wang shares UTM Community Stories through "Dear Younger Self"

What is one thing you wish your younger self knew? If you could sit with younger you, what would you say to them? What would you want them to know?

ICCIT undergraduate student and PWC major Hannah Wang is posing these questions through Dear Younger Self, a creative project showcasing the power of storytelling. Through a collage of handwritten letters, this project brings together shared experiences and lessons learned from the UTM community.

Wang emphasizes that Dear Younger Self goes beyond storytelling: it is intended to instill hope. "I wanted to provide a space for the UTM community to share their experiences and lessons learned to bring hope to younger generations and remind them that our stories matter."

The multi-volume project is available to read on The Medium, UTM's independent student newspaper.