ICCIT Student Mentorship Program

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What is mentorship?

Mentoring is a professional relationship between a mentee (ICCIT second-year student) and a mentor (ICCIT upper-year student).

Through group sessions and one-on-ones, mentees gain valuable insight, make new friends, and receive support as they navigate their social and academic transition to the ICCIT faculty.

Program Objectives:

  • To connect the ICCIT student community
  • To enrich the second-year ICCIT students university experience by offering mentees the opportunity to develop new skills and professional networks.

To provide an opportunity for upper-year ICCIT students to become mentors and give back to their community by sharing their experiences and knowledge.

Who are the mentees?

Newly admitted ICCIT students in the PWC Major, CCT Major or DEM Specialist who wish to maximize their university experience.

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Who are the mentors?

ICCIT students in 3rd or higher years who wish to share their experience and knowledge about their university journey.

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Is the program CCR Accredited?

Yes it is! To encourage your commitment to this program, your participation, whether as a mentor or as a mentee, will be added to your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

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Do we have mentors for international students?

Certainly! Our mentors are both domestic and international students. They can help you to become better professionals in Canada.

Can I join or leave the program at any time?

Yes you can.

If you have any questions regarding the program, you can kindly message the ISMP Program Coordinator, Marie-Philippe Généreux for help at iccit.mentorship@utoronto.ca