Student Housing Advisory Committee


The Student Housing Advisory Committee provides students with a forum to voice opinions and ideas to the University of Toronto Mississauga Department of Student Housing & Residence Life, and serves to facilitate bi-directional communication between students and housing staff.



Student representatives provide input and feedback on matters pertaining to housing services, programming for students, resources and departmental budget priorities. Areas of interest for which student feedback and discussion is invaluable include:

  • Student needs in various communities, including undergraduate, graduate/professional, bachelor & family communities;

  • Housing policies, services, student conduct structures, customer service and engagement issues;

  • Budgetary priorities for the department and housing fee consultation;



Membership is composed of the following student representatives:

  • Two (1) Graduate Student (non-family) Representatives

  • One (1) Family Representative

  • Three (3) UTM Undergraduate Residence Council Executives

  • Two (2) UTM First Year Residence Community Representatives

  • One (1) UTM Upper Year Residence Community Representative

  • One (1) Residence Life Don Representative

  • One (1) Residence Education Facilitator OR LLC Program Facilitator Representative

  • One (1) Residence Services Assistant Representative



Meetings will be scheduled to occur semi-regularly based on member availability and upcoming deadlines/points of consultation. During the month of September and October, however, meetings will occur more regularly to facilitate the budgetary consultation process. If interested, you must be available to attend the following meetings:

Proposed Fall 2022 Dates

  Date Time Location
SHAC Meeting #1 Wednesday Sept 28, 2022 8am-9am OPH 2nd Floor Seminar Room 
SHAC Meeting #2 Wednesday Oct 5, 2022 8am-9am OPH 2nd Floor Seminar Room 
SHAC Meeting #3 Wednesday Oct 19, 2022 8am-9am OPH 2nd Floor Seminar Room 
SHAC Meeting #4 Wednesday Oct 26, 2022 8am-9am OPH 2nd Floor Seminar Room


Student Representative Elections


All interested candidates are asked to submit their nomination, including a brief candidate statement (250 words or less), using this link: no later than Wednesday September 14, 2022 at 11:59pm.
For any roles that are not acclaimed, an online voting period will be open to all residence students taking place from September 15-16, 2022. Representatives will be elected by a majority of completed ballots. During this voting period, students will have the opportunity to vote for a representative(s) from their particular community within the residence population. An email with voting instructions and candidate statements will be sent out to residence students on September 15. All candidates will be notified of the results via email on September 16 and successful representatives will be invited to attend the first meeting on September 21.
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to