Colman Cup

3 Photos of Colman Cup Events - Students in front of mascot flags, students playing Catchphrase and students in a team huddle

Go back to the year 1994. Putnam Place, McLuhan Court, Leacock Lane and Schreiberwood were around but there was no Erindale Hall, Roy Ivor Hall or Oscar Peterson Hall. UTM (or Erindale College, as it was called back then) was known for its love of ball hockey, so much that students would ensure they brought their sticks to residence right at the start of the year.

This common past time would take place in the parking lot beside Colman House (which has since been torn down to make way for Oscar Peterson Hall). This past-time was made into an annual event courtesy of the 1996 Dons and was complete with large BBQ’s, music, and of course, the awarding of the Colman Cup. First-year resident students challenged the mighty fourth-year resident students in a game of ball hockey and the tradition of the Colman Cup was created. Somewhere along the road, the Colman Cup tradition was lost along with the cup itself, possibly stolen and buried by a family of deer.

During construction of Oscar Peterson Hall in the summer of 2006, a mysterious and badly worn piece of metal was found. After hours of refinishing, the metal revealed the letters “LMAN CUP”. This precious metal could only have been from the original Colman Cup trophy. This piece of metal has been melted and reshaped to form the current Colman Cup.

Colman Cup Points


Each student living in residence is part of a Colman Cup Mascot Team depending on where they live in residence. Students earn points for their Mascot by participating in residence activities and during Colman Cup Sundays which include athletic competitions, social and artistic events and more; everything from Volleyball to watching The Oscars. 

Spirit is also a big part of Colman Cup so that gets rewarded too! The mascot group that showed the most spirit in each event (good sportsmanship, dressed up, cheering and overall pride) will be awarded spirit points. The mascot team with the most points at the end of the year will be crowned the Colman Cup champions! Their mascot name will be engraved on the Colman Cup trophy and they'll get some swag to show off their win! 

2018-19 Champions: The Foxes!! 


Line drawing of fox with orange background