Get Involved in Residence

Residence at UTM offers a variety of programming including social activities, cultural events and educational events. We encourage you to take advantage of residence as more than just a place to live and find the right balance of involvement to support your interests and complement your academic experience.

Here are some resources you can also peruse: 

Programming Schedule


Name of Program Delivery Date Brief Description
Frost Week In Person Jan 10 - 16, 2022 Click here for more info 
Community Gatherings In Person Please check with your Don A chance to interact with other members of your community. These gatherings also give you a forum to communicate with your Don and get questions and concerns answered. Community gatherings are also used by Dons to give residents important administrative information, information about various events and opportunities and about useful campus resources
Workshops In Person Please check with your Residence Education Facilitator An opportunity to develop academic related skills. Topics that are covered during the include: applying for post, creating an academic network, building a collaborative environment in your group work projects, developing your presentation skills, and more. 
LLC Workshops & Faculty Field Trips In Person Please check with your Program Facilitator An opportunity to continue developing academic and career related skills customized to your LLC community theme in the winter term. 
One-on-ones In Person Please check in with your Don and REF/LLC PF to schedule An opportunity to connect with your don and/or REF/LLC PF. Learn about opportunities this semester and share about your first few weeks. Interested in joining the Residence Student Staff Team- a great chance to ask them questions about their roles! 
Socials In Person TBD Stay tuned to learn more about socials that will be offered from our Residence Dons
Residence Council Programming In Person Please check Residence Council's social media for updaes @utmrc

Overview of Committees


Committee Description Contact Information
Artistic Resource Team (ART)

The ART committee is dedicated to celebrating and showcasing Art on residence. We aim to create an inclusive space for creatives, those who appreciate the arts and anyone just looking to engage in artistic activities as a hobby/de-stressor. 

ART’s marque event is ARTsFest, a talent show that is usually held in the Blind Duck Pub. During this event, artists living on residence from a variety of disciplines (Visual Artists, Singers, Actors, Dancers etc.) get the opportunity to showcase their work and even win a cash prize based on judges' evaluation and audience nominations. Smaller events include, open mic nights, paint nights, table readings, listening parties and crafts nights.

ART will be running the closing event of Residence Orientation: the Open Mic Night. If you would like to perform at Open Mic Night, please sign up here.  

If you are interested in joining ART, email us to get put on our mailing list at:
Instagram: @artisticresourceteam

Colman Cup

The Colman Cup is a long-standing tradition at the UTM residence where students get a chance to compete in their mascot groups to win the Colman Cup trophy! It provides students with the opportunity to meet others outside of their communities and boosts community spirit on residence.
The committee is responsible for planning and running these weekly events as well as the year-end Colman Cup Bash where the winners are crowned.

The Residence Olympics will be the inaugural Colman Cup event for the 2022 – 2023 academic year and will involve a host of fun team mini-games hosted around different areas of residence!

Marquee Events: Weekly Colman Cup activities, Colman Cup Bash.
Instagram: @utmcolmancup

Choir (aka The HomeNotes) This Committee is a group of residence who come together to participate in a variety of performances throughout the year. 
Marquee Events: Coffee Houses & RAWC Holiday Concert
Equity Outreach Network

EON values diversity as a strength, thereby making equity and inclusion prioritized values on residence. We aim to recruit a team that is passionate about these shared values and are committed to amplifying student voices. In taking a more focused approach, PRISM provides a safe space for QTBIPOC students, The Kickback supports Black students living on residence, Umbrella creates a network for LGBTQ+ students, and COCO works to support the intercultural fluency on campus. 

Programming will include biweekly opportunities to find community within branch groups. Students will be able to take lead or attend marquee events including: A Cup of COCO and The Year End Equity Gala. There will also be opportunities to step out of your comfort zones and join the conversations conducted through webinars, Instagram Lives, and panel workshops.
Instagram: @utm.eon


Student Housing Advisory Committe (SHAC)

The Student Housing Advisory Committee provides students with a forum to voice opinions and ideas to the University of Toronto Mississauga Department of Student Housing & Residence Life, and serves to facilitate bi-directional communication between students and housing staff.

Click here to learn more

All interested candidates
are asked to submit
their nomination, including
a brief candidate
statement (250 words or less),
using this link no later than
Wednesday September
15, 2021 at 11:59pm.
Residence Sustainability Initiative (RSI)

RSI is dedicated to educating students about pressing environmental issues in our world and promoting sustainable living and practices on residence to support positive change. This committee strives to tackle topics of environmental justice on a global level, including social and economic resource usage, by fostering an active learning environment at the UTM community level.

RSI maintains the garden in MaGrath Valley. Programming throughout the year includes nature walks, revamp old items night, plant pals, and education workshops on topics such as how to reduce food waste or proper recycling methods.

During Residence Orientation, RSI will be running Nature Walks along the UTM Nature Trail on Sunday, September 12th. Walks will be departing at 1:00, 1:30, and 2:00 from Erindale Hall.
Instagram: @utm.rsi

Residence Council University of Toronto Mississauga Residence Council (UTMRC) is a student government of elected residence students who are dedicated to enhancing student life and building a strong, positive residence-wide community. 
This group of students organizes residence-wide social events both on and off campus. The council works closely with the entire resident student population, listening to student feedback and advocating for an improved student experience at UTM.  
Even if this will be your first year, you are more than welcome to join UTMRC and get involved from the beginning! Involvement outside of the classroom and within the residence community is a great way to meet others, help plan and run fun events, work as a member of a collaborative team, act as a positive role model, make a difference, and much more. We hope to see you at our fun events!
Instagram: @utmrc