Damage & Cleaning Charges

Below are a list of damage and cleaning charges that could arise during the school year or upon move-out inspection. Please be aware there are other potential charges outside of the list below that could arise from the inspection of your unit. 

Please note: These are NOT house check charges. Charges for house checks can be found here.

Administrative Charges:

Room Key Card $10.00
Mailbox Key $25.00
Opt-in Cleaning Fee $50.00
Improper Checkout $100.00/day (becomes $100/hr on the last day of checkouts)

Cleaning Charges:

Kitchen $200.00
Bathroom $200.00
Common Area $150.00
Bedroom $100.00
Stairwell $100.00
Storage Room $100.00
Exterior $100.00
Garbage Removal $50.00/bag

Wall Repair:

Drywall repair (hole) $250.00/sq.ft
Paint Wall $100.00/wall
Cleaning Walls $50.00/hr

Student Conduct:

Smoking $200.00


Replace window screen $100.00
Replace blinds $500.00/window
Repair of blinds (chain, etc.) $250.00

Missing Items:

Replace mattress pad $50.00
Replace fire extinguisher $250.00
Replace smoke detector $100.00
Replace garbage can $25.00


Desk chair replacement $150.00
Desk chair cleaning $25.00
Dining chair replacement  $150.00
Mattress replacement $250.00