Damage & Cleaning Charges

Below are a list of damage and cleaning charges that could arise during the school year or upon move-out inspection. There are other potential charges outside of the list below that could arise from the inspection of your unit. Please note all bedroom charges will be specific to the resident of the room, all common area charges will be divided up amongst all residents of the unit.

Check-out charges will be posted to your ACORN/ROSI account and you will receive an email detailing the charges by mid-June.

Please note: These are NOT house check charges. Charges for house checks can be found here.

Administrative Charges:


Room Key Card $10.00
Mailbox Key $25.00
McLuhan Court or Leacock Lane Bedroom Key $200.00
Improper Checkout $100.00/day (becomes $100/hr on the last day of checkouts)

Cleaning Charges:


Kitchen up to $150.00
Bathroom up to $150.00
Common Area & Stairwell $150.00
Bedroom $100.00
Storage Room $100.00
Exterior $100.00
Garbage Removal $50.00/bag

Wall Repair:


Drywall repair (hole) $100.00/sq.ft
Paint Wall $50.00/hr
Cleaning Walls $50.00/hr

Student Conduct:


Smoking $200.00



Replace window screen $100.00
Replace blinds $500.00/window
Repair of blinds (chain, etc.) $250.00


Missing Items:


Replace fire extinguisher $250.00
Replace smoke detector $100.00
Replace garbage can $25.00




Desk chair replacement $150.00
Dining chair replacement  $150.00
Mattress replacement $250.00
Furniture displacement $50.00 per piece