Plan[e]t Friendly

Better for you, better for our planet.



Plan[e]t Friendly

What is Plan[e]t Friendly?

If a dish at UTM is designated as Plan[e]t Friendly, it means it is an option that is both better for you, and better for our planet!   

What qualifies a dish as Plan[e]t Friendly? 

The dish is at least one of the following:

  • There is no animal protein, but there is still a nutritionally balanced protein component to the dish
  • At least one ingredient was harvested at the UTM Farm
  • At least one ingredient adheres to UTM Dining’s 
    Locally Grown initiative, which means it was grown
    in Ontario (within 100 km) and from a small business (with <100 employees)   

How will I know if a dish is Plan[e]t Friendly? 

In order to feel confident that what you are ordering qualifies as Plan[e]t Friendly, UTM Dining has clearly identified all dishes with the above logo, and there will be a checklist posted at the service station with exactly which qualification it has.


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