Sustainable Change Program

What is the UTM Sustainable Change Program?

The University of Toronto Mississauga is situated amidst a perfect balance of the built and natural environment. As a result, the UTM community is fortunate to have such a beautiful space to work, study and play in. The Sustainable Change Program is designed in alignment with the Sustainability Strategic Plan that supports the goal of caring for these spaces and maintaining them for generations to come.  

As the campus grows, we require a collective effort to grow sustainably. The Sustainable Change Program provides supporting guides for Offices, Labs and Courses that will act as resources to help our faculty, librarians, staff and students navigate their time on campus. This program includes point-based, self-assessment checklists for faculty, librarians and staff to assess their current practices, set a baseline, and determine goals for the future. Once the checklists and resource guides have been reviewed and the Sustainable Change Program Form submitted, a certification will be issued to your team. 


Sustainable Change Program Offerings  



Sustainable Residences



Benefits in participating in the Sustainable Change Program 

  • Be a part of advancing UTM’s Sustainability Strategic Plan 
  • Help UTM achieve a higher STARS rating   
  • Be recognized through UTM’s Principal Awards and UofT’s Sustainable Action Awards 
  • Include your sustainability achievements in your annual reporting   
  • Leverage your sustainability initiatives when applying for grants and funding
  • Opportunity for team building and continuous improvement in your day-to-day work     


How to participate? 


  1. Decide what program is the best fit for you.      
  • Review the checklists and resources provided before completing the form.  

  1. Sign up your team/department.        
  • Assign a team lead who is passionate and willing to lead discussions among your department and drive sustainable change.  

  • Ensure a minimum of 70% of your office and/or department is willing to participate.  

  1. Complete the Sustainable Change form.     
  • Work within your team/department to collect data and submit the form.  

  1. Prepare for next year.    
  • We encourage the team lead to review the results with your team/department to identify areas for sustainable improvement and prepare for next year’s certification.