Get Involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved in sustainability at UTM!  Students, faculty, and staff all have active roles to play in campus sustainability.

Students can get involved by joining the UTM Green Team, or one of the many campus clubs that have environmental connections.  Volunteer positions are always available!  Show your environmental committment by signing the anti-litter pledge.  If you know someone who's doing a great job of protecting the environment, nominate them for a Green Ribbon Award!

Faculty and staff can participate in the Garbage 2 Garden composting program, sign the anti-litter pledge, or nominate a co-worker for the Green Ribbon Awards.  If you're a course instructor or coordinator, you can apply to have your course certified Green!  UTM also offers recycling of used Tassimo discs, if your department has a Tassimo machine.  Contact the Green Team for details.