Waste Sorting

Common Items Recycling

UTM currently collects items in four waste streams from campus community members.

Container Recycling Signage
Accepted Items
Clean* plastic containers, jars, and bottles (leave lid on)
Clean* disposable plastic plates, cups, and cutlery
Glass jars & bottles (leave lid on)
Cans (e.g. Coca Cola)**
Beverage containers (e.g. milk cartons and juice boxes)**

*Clean can be defined as unused or non soiled/greasy items

**Beverage containers should not contain liquids; if you cannot finish the drink, there are two options to dispose the item responsibly:

1) Dump the liquid into nearby sink and dispose the item into a container recycling bin


2) Throw item into landfill bin with the lid on or opening closed to ensure the liquid does not spill into the bag 

Paper Recycling Signage
Accepted Items
Office papers
Cardboard (e.g. Amazon boxes, clean* pizza box)
Notebooks and old reports/assignments
Newspapers, flyers, and magazines
Coffee cup sleeves

*Clean can be defined as unused or non soiled/greasy items

Organics Bin Poster
Accepted Items
Food waste (e.g. fruit, meat, pasta)
Tea bags and coffee grounds
Used paper towels, napkins, and tissues 
Non-waxed and paper-based fast food packaging 
Compostable or paper* plates, containers, and cups

*Compostable or paper items made out of or lined/waxed with plastic are not compostable and must be placed in the landfill bin

Landfill Bin Poster
Accepted Items
Coffee cups & lids (e.g. Tim Hortons, Starbucks) 
Food wrappers (e.g. chips bags, granola bar wrapper)
Soiled/greasy plastic and Styrofoam takeout containers and cutlery
Black plastic food containers (e.g. Bento sushi) 
Aluminum foil
Straws (with wax/plastic lining) 
Plastic bags

What if my item isn't listed above or I don't know where to throw it out?

When in doubt, throw your item in the landfill/garbage bin!

This is to avoid contamination in our recycling bins and ensure items are properly recycled. Once the majority of a recycling or organics bag is contaminated with items that do not belong in it, such as coffee cups, the bag will most likely not be recycled and unfortunately go to landfill. 

Special Items Recycling

Batteries are accepted at UTM and will be sent out for recycling. Please see locations of battery bins below.

Battery bin


To dispose of large or hazardous batteries, please contact UTM Shipping & Receiving



William G. Davis Building Outside DV 2037
  Outside Career Centre - DV 3094
  Geography mailroom (need entry)
CCIT Room 4073
  Third floor beside elevators
Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre Back offices (need entry)
Kaneff Centre/Innovation Complex Registrar's front desk
Instructional Centre Atrium
Health Sciences Complex Fourth floor 
Deerfield Hall First floor
  Fourth floor by stairs
MN Building Shipping & Receiving (first floor) 

For staff and faculty use, upon request I&ITS staff will pick up and dispose of IT assets purchased with university funds.  Assets including smartphones, desktop and laptop hard drives are securely wiped before disposal. Please submit a ticket. 

    Majority of printer companies offer recycling take-back programs, which we highly encourage you to use. Use the mailing label and send your empty cartridges back to your printer company.  





    If you have questions about whether a particular object can be recycled or how to dispose of it properly, email sustainability.fmp@utoronto.ca

    How to Sort Your Waste at Home

    Did you know what you can and cannot recycle may differ depending on what city you live in? Find your city/region below to learn how to sort your waste at home!