Hours of Operation 




What else does BikeShare offer? 

Where is the BikeShare Office?

Our office is located in the Student Centre extension on the UTM campus, facing the CCT Building. 

Is BikeShare open year-round?

No. We operate from April - October, opening and closing depends on weather conditions.

What are the 2023 daily hours of operation? 

Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm (now closed) 

Why are you only open for a few hours a day?

BikeShare is run with the help of volunteers and a limited number of part-time staff members. With limited help we can only offer hours of operation which work for our volunteers and staff.

How do I sign out a bike?

Stop by our office during our hours of operation. Registration takes about 2 minutes and after that you're good to go! Please have your student number or personnel number for registration.

How long can I rent for?

Up to 1 week, then it must be returned for a safety check.

Can I take my rental bike off-campus?

Yes, bikes may be taken off-campus as long as they are returned on time.

Can I sign out multiple bikes at once?

We only allow one sign-out per person to allow the maximum accessibility to the UTM community. However, exceptions can be made under pre-arranged circumstances. Contact us at bikeshareutm@gmail.com with your request. Staff hold discretion over requests.

Can I renew my bike?

It is possible, but it also depends on the demand at the time. Please email us at bikeshareutm@gmail.com with your request.

Why does the key need to be returned during office hours? 

We must log your return, check for possible damages to the bike and ensure that the bike is properly locked on the designated BikeShare racks. This ensures safety of the bikes and prevents wrongful fines or warnings! 

What happens if I don't return my bike on time?

There is $2.50 late fee, payable in cash only, for each day you are late. Renting privileges are suspended until all late fees are paid in full.
After three late returns, you will be banned from using UTM BikeShare services.
If a bicycle is not returned and we are unable to contact you within a week of the due date, the bicycle will be reported as stolen to campus police and any consequences associated with the theft will be the responsibility of the individual.

What happens if I lose my lock? 

There will be a replacement fee of $50 to replace the U-lock. Please try your best to not lose your lock.

Does BikeShare do repairs?

Our program offers educational repairs, where we can provide tools and teach you basic repairs tailored to your bike’s repair needs, though we cannot repair your bike directly.

How can I volunteer?

Check out the volunteer description, and send us an email at bikeshareutm@gmail.com about your interest. A staff member will get back to you shortly after that.

Do you have any Bike Maps?

Yes! The City of Mississauga has detailed Bike Maps for the entire city online (pdf), and we have printed maps in the office available for pickup when the office is open!

Does BikeShare offer rentals for any additional equipment (e.g. helmets & locks)?

Yes! We offer bike locks for those renting bikes in order to reduce theft. We rent out helmets to those who require safety gear as well.

What events do you offer?

BikeShare holds bike-related events such as safety checks, repair workshops and group rides throughout the year. 

Where can I find out about upcoming bike-related events?

If you’re on campus, you can stop by our office and ask us, or check our page @sustainableutm on Instagram!