Sustainable Offices


The Sustainable Change Offices Program is geared to equip staff, faculty and librarian offices on campus with a guide to creating, and maintaining a sustainable office space.

Getting Started

The Office certification form is divided into seven sections. It is advised to review each section below and gain a high-level overview of the questions asked prior to completing the Sustainable Change form.

Section Overview

  • Computers, multi-outlet strips and electronics are shut off and/or unplugged at the end of the day

  • Station and overhead lights are turned off in rooms not in use/at the end of the day 

  • Natural lighting is used instead of artificial lighting 

  • Energy-saving procedures for long weekends and holidays are in place 

  • Place indoor air purifying plans throughout office

Section Overview

  • Digital documentation is prioritized over physical copies 

  • Communal printers are prioritized over desktop printers 

  • Printers are set to black and white, with banner pages disabled 

  • Note taking is conducted on scrap paper 

  • E-waste and printer cartridges are collected for proper disposal 

  • Waste reduction and recycling communications are distributed throughout the office 

Section Overview

  • Virtual meetings are prioritized over in-person meetings when possible 

  • Digital communication is prioritized over physical copies 

  • Rooms with natural lighting are used more frequently  

Section Overview

  • Office dishwasher is run on a full load 

  • Small appliances are unplugged at the end of the day 

  • Local or Fair Trade food items are prioritized for events 

  • Purchasing food and other items in bulk to reduce unnecessary packaging 

  • Waste-free lunches are prioritized 

  • Reusable dinnerware and cutlery are available for office use 

  • Fridge and freezer clean ups are conducted regularly 

  • Sustainable catering option 

Section Overview

  • Baseline assessment completed showing how team members commute to work 

  • Public transportation and carpooling is prioritized for off-campus events 

  • Communication on UTM’s sustainable transportation options are distributed within the office 

Section Overview

  • FSC certified paper, other post-consumer recycled paper products, and products with environmentally-friendly packaging are prioritized 

  • Plant-based ink/Sustainable ink is prioritized over conventional printer ink 

  • Purchasing from Canadian, local, and/or socially responsible companies is prioritized 

  • When purchasing giveaways, swag items and team branding items, prioritize sustainable materials and responsible sourcing 

  • Prohibit the purchase of single use plastic water bottles 

Section Overview

  • Team members have read and are familiar with both the UTM Sustainability Strategic Plan and Climate Positive Plan

  • Team has discussed how to participate in supporting both Plans 

  • Team hosts and/or participates in sustainability-related activities 

Congratulations to our 2022-23 Sustainable Change Office participants! 



Platinum badge offices





  • Hospitality & Ancillary Services 

  • Information & Instructional Technology Services (I&ITS) 





  • Office of the Vice President & Principal (OVPP)
  • Facilities Management and Planning (FMP)
  • Office of the Vice-Principal, Academic and Dean (OVPA&D)
  • Institute for Management and Innovation (IMI)
  • Office of the Vice-Principal, Research (OVPR)






  •  Office of the Registrar
Sustainable Change Office Program - Step by Step Guide for Team Leads