Available Bikes

BikeShare has several different models of bikes available to suit different needs. 

Transporter Hybrid

The Transporter Hybrid bike is another BikeShare favourite.  The Transporter is a commuter-style bike that is great for slightly longer rides and moves at a faster pace than the Cruiser.  The Transporter is equipped with 21 gears to get you up and down hills, and front and rear rim brakes.  These bikes are great for paved surfaces and can also handle packed gravel trails (not suitable for rough trails or mountain biking).  Perfect for travelling to appointments or heading to the store.


A photo of the black transporter bike on a white background.


Mountain Bikes

BikeShare has a limited number of mountain bikes for rental.  These bikes have wide, knobby tires and front and rear disc brakes.  Front suspension helps to absorb shocks, and 21 gears help you get up and downhills.  These bikes are best for exploring trails, especially those with irregular or rough surfaces.


A photo of the yellow mountain bike on a white background.