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The Sustainability Office at the University of Toronto, Mississauga (UTM) is responsible for promoting and maintaining a broad range of sustainability initiatives through the engagement of the UTM community. UTM is located on 225 acres of largely undeveloped land overlooking the Credit River Valley. Thoughtful stewardship of this unique setting is a fundamental part of the campus Master Plan, most recently updated in 2011. Large areas of the campus have been designated “Protected, Naturalized Research Space” and are protected against development.

“Grow Smart, Grow Green” is the guiding principle for campus development, balancing the need for growth with environmental sensitivity and responsibility. As a microcosm for the pressures of urban growth, UTM remains committed to prove that expansion and development can be accomplished in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner. “Grow Smart, Grow Green” provides a framework to guide all our decisions that may impact upon our environment.

Whether your particular interests fall under the broad categories of transportation, energy, general conservation-sustainability or community engagement, you are encouraged to explore the above links associated with our Sustainability Office.  Questions, ideas or suggestions may be sent to

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