Principal’s Sustainability Advisory Committee (PSAC)  

In December 2017, during the creation of the Academic Plan, 17 members of the UTM community united to form a Sustainability Pathways Working Group (SPWG). Over the course of six months, SPWG conducted a wide-ranging discussion focused on incorporating sustainability in all areas of campus life: academic programs, research initiatives, campus outreach. After setting its mandate, SPWG divided into two targeted sub-groups: one tasked with creating a working definition of sustainability, the other responsible for synthesizing best sustainability practices at other universities. 

The two sub-groups met twice independently and once collectively, after which they drafted a final report that resulted in the formation of another team in 2019: the Principal’s Sustainability Advisory Committee (PSAC). It was then decided that PSAC develop a long-term Sustainability Strategic Plan for UTM as a whole. Many UTM stakeholders, including staff, faculty, librarians, students, and alumni, were consulted in the visioning and creation of the Plan.  

For more information: PSAC Terms of Reference 

Read the Sustainability Strategic Plan and Progress Reports: Reports


Current member positions: 

  • Deborah Brown, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO); Co-Chair 
  • Nicholas Rule, Vice-Principal, Academic and Dean; Co-Chair 
  • Ahmed Azhari, Acting Executive Director, Physical & Digital Infrastructure
  • Arnav Tandon, MScSM Graduate Student 
  • Beverley Ayeni, Sustainability Manager, Strategic Initiatives 
  • Chad Nuttall, Assistant Dean of Students and International Initiatives
  • Claire Westgate, Manager, External Partnerships & Communications
  • Damian Maddalena, Assistant Professor, Geography, Geomatics, and Environment
  • Faizan Ahmed, Alumni 
  • Jennifer Reid-Burrell, Senior Project Officer
  • Laurel Besco, Assistant Professor, Geography, Geomatics and Environment
  • Linnet Kocheril, Placement & Employer Relations Manager
  • Luke Barber, Acting Chief Operating Officer, Property Services & Sustainability
  • Mari Khan, Sustainability Coordinator, UTMSU
  • Payam Zahedi, Director, Research
  • Renu Kanga Fonseca, Interim Assistant Dean, Office of the Vice-Principal Academic and Dean 
  • Rija Rasul, Climate Change Specialist, City of Mississauga
  • Robert Gerlai, The John Carlin Roder Distinguished Professor in Behavioural Neuroscience Psychology
  • Samantha DiIorio, Sustainability Coordinator 
  • Shashi Kant, MScSM Program Director
  • Vicky Jezierski, Director, Hospitality & Ancillary Services
  • Vacant - One Community Member