Repair Cafe

The repair cafe logo, with the text "Repair Cafe - toss it?  No way!"

What do you do with a broken toaster? Or with a chair with a wonky leg? Or with a sweater full of moth holes? Toss it? No way!  UTM is hosting Repair Café in the UTM room (Faculty Club) on Monday, October 21st, from 12-2 pm.

Get free help fixing your broken items, and more importantly, learn from expert volunteer “fixers” about how to repair them yourself.  At Repair Café, you can get help fixing electronics, small appliances, clothing, and furniture! 

WHO:  UTM staff, faculty, and students
WHAT:  Repair Café – a global movement that aims to reduce the waste that’s sent to landfill and to change society’s throw-away mindset.
WHERE:  UTM room (Faculty Club) - Davis Building room 3141
WHEN:  Monday, October 21st, 12 – 2 pm
COST:  Free!

Reminders to Repair Café visitors:

  • All visitors to Repair Café must sign a liability waiver.
  • The fixer will work with you to repair your item. You will need to be present throughout the repair process. 
  • Bring all the accessories of your item if they are available (e.g. cable, manual), which would help with the diagnosis of the problem.
  • Bring a part to test if you can (e.g. a working bulb for your lamp, a CD for your CD player, a monitor for your CPU unit).
  • Anyone is welcome to visit the Repair Café with or without a broken item. Our fixers can answer your questions and provide advice on how to repair & maintain your item.  If you cannot bring your item to Repair Café, it may be helpful to bring a photograph.

See you there!