Jenna and blake

U of T scholars enhancing access to asexuality and aromanticism research

Sharon Aschaiek

It is now easier for scholars to study asexuality and aromanticism, thanks to a resource created by two University of Toronto English scholars.

Liza Blake, an associate professor of medieval and Renaissance literature at U of T Mississauga, and Jenna McKellips, a graduate student in English language and literature, have co-created the Asexuality and Aromanticism Bibliography. While other collections of citations and references on these orientations exist, Blake and McKellips say much writing in this area is scattered across the web, which can make research difficult.

“One of the best ways we thought to advance this field of study was to let people save themselves that extra step and just dive right in and find the relevant writing for them,” says Blake, who has taught classes on early modern asexualities, and is co-editing a scholarly collection on this topic.

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