Maria Hupfield wearing a golden headpiece that covers her head and neck

Knowing Land, Living Water: Professor Maria Hupfield discusses the Indigenous thought and culture that drives her art career

As an alumna of the art and art history specialist program at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM), Professor Maria Hupfield developed a youth media literacy program called ‘7th Generation Image Makers’ along with an art and mural program at Native Child and Family Services of Toronto. Her goal was to improve the visual presence of Indigenous Peoples.

“I believe there are many ways to be an artist,” Professor Hupfield says. “The biggest impact of my career comes from a balance between my relationships in the visual artworld and the culturally specific knowledge I have learned through the Anishinaabe nation with community and family. Living in New York really opened my eyes as did having a husband who is Native American and also an artist.” 

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