Alternative Transportation

Important Commuting Information

Transportation options to consider:

  • Brampton Transit Express 199 – Did you know there is an express bus transit route between the Brampton Gateway Terminal and UTM? More information is available here. UTM students residing in Brampton may find this option helpful, as it will trim at least 30-40 minutes off the one-way travel time normally encountered between these two points.
  • Go Transit – The nearest GO Stations to UTM are Erindale Station and Clarkson Station
  • Use the Triplinx Tool to plan your transit route to campus. Click here to learn more.
  • Get dropped off  – the Davis loop and Library drop-off lane are great ‘kiss and ride’ options.
  • Ride your bike or motorcycle to campus – there are numerous bike racks located across campus, and complimentary parking for motorcycles (designated area at top of P9).
  • Plan to drive in the Winter semester – The 4-month winter sessional permit will go on presale in early December. UTM students will have an opportunity to purchase a permit for the winter months. More information will be posted on our website closer to December.

Learn about the various forms of transportation available on campus by selecting a mode below or browse the Alternative Transportation menu.

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