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The Parking & Transportation Office is closed to the public until further noticePlease email us: 

2020-2021 Staff & Faculty Parking Permit Purchase/Renewal

Starting Wednesday July 29, 2020 at 10:00 a.m., staff and faculty may begin applying for their 2020-2021 Annual parking permits online only.

Click here to order your Staff/Faculty permit

2020-2021 Student Parking Permit Purchase

Starting Tuesday August 11, 2020 at 10:0a.m., students may begin applying for their 2020-2021 parking permits (valid September 1) online only.

Winter Semester parking permits will go on sale in December 2020.

Paid parking and enforcement will resume September 1, 2020.

Permits continue to be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  Availability in a particular lot is not guaranteed.

Annual permits are valid September 1, 2020 and will expire August 31, 2021

Should I purchase a Permit or use P&D?

Permit Location: 2020-2021 Permit Cost P&D Daily Rate for Area If On Campus One Day Per Week or Less
P4, P8 $774.04 $15.00 Use P&D
P9 $876.99 $17.50 Use P&D
P5 $1,104.34 Day Parking by Permit Only Buy Permit
P1 $1,137.47 Day Parking by Permit Only Buy Permit
CCT Garage $1,369.60 $20.00 Use P&D
8 month (Sept-Apr) $644.99 $15.00 Use P&D
4 month (Sept-Dec) $322.50 $15.00 Use P&D

Question:  Is there a special discounted rate for permits since many will not be on campus as often as they would be if not for COVID-19?

Answer:  There is no special rate or discount for those who are not on campus as often as they would normally be.    All lots will be operational, maintained and available in September.  In some cases, it will be preferable to use Pay & Display instead of purchasing a permit this year.  For those who plan to be on campus at least one day a week on average, a permit is often the recommended choice.  On the other hand, for those who are on campus 5 days per week, purchasing an unreserved permit, for example, results in a cost of only $3.23 per day, compared to the daily Pay & Display rate of $15

Question: If individuals don’t purchase a pass at the start of the year, because they may continue to study/work at home, can they purchase it later in the year at a pro-rated price?

Answer: Yes, remaining permits can be purchased throughout the year and would be prorated on a monthly basis. 


Transportation Services Update - Fall 2020

The U-Pass service, offering unlimited fare-free rides on MiWay (Mississauga Transit), is being maintained for UTM students (excluding the MMPA and MFAcc programs) in the fall term by the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union and the University of Toronto Mississauga Association for Graduate Students.  

MiWay, Brampton Transit, Oakville Transit, GO Transit and the Toronto Transit Commission municipal services are expected to continue operations throughout the fall term.  The Brampton Transit express service between the Brampton Gateway Terminal and UTM will be suspended. 

The UTM shuttle services to/from the St. George campus and Sheridan College will be suspended and the related fee for Fall 2020 waived.

Posted: July 15, 2020


Please check the MiWay website for current transit availability (

New Pay & Display Daily Rates 

Please note effective September 1st, 2020, the daily Pay and Display rates will increase based on Lot locations. 

Area Half Hourly Daily Max Evening Weekend
CCT $3.00 $20.00 $10.00 $10.00
P9 $2.75 $17.50 $7.00 $7.00
All Other $2.50 $15.00 $6.00 $6.00


At this time, we are unable to provide an exact timeline as to when all refunds will be received.

Staff, faculty and students are NOT REQUIRED to return their parking permit to receive a refund.

All administrative fees have been waived.


  • Those who purchased their permit online will automatically receive an online refund to the same method of payment used
  • Those who purchased their permit in-person will be contacted by a Parking Representative at a later date to discuss available options
  • Refunds will reflect an assessment of the remaining permit balance

Staff & Faculty

  • Those who purchased their permit online will automatically receive an online refund to the same method of payment used

  • Those who purchased their permit in-person will be contacted by a Parking Representative at a later date to discuss available options (this includes monthly temporary permit holders).
  • Payroll deductions will be suspended as of April 1st, until further notice

Thank you for your patience while we implement these refunds.

UTM Parking

Due to the COVID-19 situation, UTM has temporarily suspended parking enforcement in all its parking lots. If you are parking on campus and do not have a current parking permit, you may park in lots P1, P4, P5, P8 or P9. The CCT parking garage is currently closed.

In addition, parking permit holders will be permitted to park in other lots, except for residence lots.

Please remember:

  • Drivers must continue to park in regular, non-marked, parking spaces
  • Parked vehicles must not block fire routes
  • Parked vehicles must not block roadway or access points

Thank you. If you have any questions, please contact parking services at:

CCT Garage Closure

Please be advised that as of 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday March 17, 2020 the CCT garage will be closed along with the closure of the building.  Vehicles will no longer be able to enter the CCT Underground Garage but those already parked will have exiting priviliges (no re-entry). 

CCT Permit holders are permitted to park in lots P4, P8 & P9 for the time being. 

If you require access to the CCT Building/Garage during the closure, please contact Campus Police for assistance at: 905-828-5200. 

Construction Notice 

Please note that starting Monday March 16th, the row of parking spaces in the driveway of P9 will be unavailable to support construction activities related to the new science building.

Posted: March 11, 2020


Lost or Stolen permits will not be replaced, regardless of circumstances.

Overflow parking available in lot P11 (by any valid permit or P&D)

Peak parking periods are between 12:00pm and 3:00pm. If you plan on arriving to campus between these times, please allow yourself extra time to find a space. Parking lots can be full.
Additional overflow parking is available in Lot P11. Any valid permit and P&D may park in this lot.

UTM students have access to the Mississauga Transit UPass. To learn more click here!

Sustainable Transportation Options

Click here to learn about numerous options for getting to campus