Barrier Free Parking

UTM Parking & Transportation Services is committed to providing barrier free parking spaces to UTM community members and visitors with accessible needs.

Barrier Free Parking


Parking Services at UTM has a number of parking spaces dedicated to the use of those who have a Provincial Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit (APP) . These spaces are for the sole use of UTM community members who have an APP parking permit, used in conjunction with either a UTM parking permit or UTM daily visitor permit.

For additional information, please refer to the Parking Regulations which can be found here.

Please refer to the list below regarding the locations of dedicated barrier free accessible parking spaces on campus.
You may also refer to this map indicating the location of barrier free accessible parking spaces on campus.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Parking Office at for more information.






Barrier Free Parking Spaces on Campus

Parking Lot Number of Barrier Free Parking Spaces Location Notes


10 spaces

Near the Instructional Building

CCT Garage

6 spaces

4 accessible spots on level P1, and 2 accessible spots on level P3

Inner Circle

2 spaces

Main Entrance, Davis Building metered parking area

Student Centre / Kaneff Building

4 spaces

Between the Student Centre and Kaneff Building off of Inner Circle


2 spaces

Access to Putnam Place, Leacock Lane Residences and Davis Building


2 spaces

Access to Oscar Peterson Hall


1 space

Access to Schreiberwood Residence


6 spaces

4 on Upper deck, closest to pedestrian pathway and 2 on Lower deck closest to football field sidewalk (first row)


7 spaces

Upper part of lot, closest to CCT Building


2 spaces

Access to MaGrath Valley Residence

Alumni House

1 space

Access to Alumni House


Visitor barrier free parking:

Daily visitor parking permits may be purchased in P4, P8, & P9, or CCT at the Pay & Display machines by way of coin, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or debit (via tap payment). Please purchase your daily visitor permit before proceeding to park your vehicle. Parking permits are required on all vehicles parked on UTM property throughout the year.

Visitors with a Government issued (MTO) accessible parking permit must also display a valid pay and display when parking on campus.


Temporary Accessible Accommodation

Individuals with temporary accessible needs (for example, a broken leg) may obtain, from Parking Services, a Temporary Permit for lots where accessible spaces are located allowing the vehicle bearing the permit to park in a general space in an alternate parking lot location. Please note that this temporary permit does not authorize use of the designated accessible parking spaces.

If you are a student, please contact and register your accomodation request with UTM AccessAbility Resource Centre. If you are a Faculty or Staff member, please contact and register your accomodation request with the Health and Well Being Office.




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