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University of Toronto Mississauga Parking Permits:

(a) remain the property of Parking & Transportation Services;

(b) are issued for the use of the named permit holder ONLY;

(c) to be valid, must be clearly displayed (right side up) on the driver’s side of the windshield/dashboard of the vehicle for which they are issued and clear of any tinted areas or obstructions;

(d) are not to be duplicated or altered in any form. Print outs, photocopies or reproductions of any kind are prohibited and invalid; and,

(e) must be promptly returned to the Parking & Transportation Services’ office if they are cancelled or revoked.

In accepting a parking permit, the permit holder agrees:

(a) to clearly display his/her permit at all times when parking on campus;

(b) to park only in authorized parking areas designated by Parking & Transportation Services – individual faculties and departments cannot give this permission;

(c) to park in an orderly manner so as to occupy only the space required by the one vehicle;

(d) to ensure that only one of the registered vehicles is utilizing the permit while parking on campus;

(e) to abide be the rules and regulations detailed herein and obey all parking and traffic requests made by Parking & Transportation Services’ staff, the Campus Police, City of Mississauga Parking Control or Region of Peel Police;

(f) to obey all regulatory traffic signs on the campus;

(g) to exercise caution while driving and parking within the lots - usage of the lots is at your own risk. Pedestrians have the right-of-way;

(h) to park only in the lots specified by that permit;

(i) to promptly notify Parking & Transportation Services of any change of a vehicle/license plate, status, address, office location or telephone number, as was provided on the application form;

(j) that if canceling a permit, to return it promptly to the Parking & Transportation Services office before the cancellation deadline. Cancellation fees apply.

Failure to comply with any of the above could result in the cancellation of the permit.

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2.1 These regulations are authorized by the Principal of U of T Mississauga, acting on the advice of the U of T Mississauga Campus Council within the power granted by the University of Toronto Act 1971, through the Governing Council.

2.2 Rules and regulations are enforced by the City of Mississauga.

2.3 These regulations are issued under the authority of the University of Toronto Mississauga Parking & Transportation Services and apply in all areas owned by, or administered by, the University of Toronto Mississauga.

2.4 All persons using the University parking facilities are subject to the regulations detailed herein. By accepting a parking permit and/or parking on campus, applicants agree to abide by these regulations.

2.5 The Parking & Transportation Services Manager is responsible for the supervision and administration of parking lots. Any questions concerning parking areas should be referred to Parking & Transportation Services at (905) 828-5254.

2.6 Neither the University of Toronto Mississauga, its employees, nor any parking staff employed by a 3rd party and performing work on behalf of U of T Mississauga, shall be responsible for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents, however caused. If you have any inquiries or concerns, please contact Campus Police at (905) 828-5200.

2.7 These regulations reflect the current policies of the University of Toronto Mississauga Parking &Transportation Services including the current availability of parking spaces. Should parking conditions change, Parking & Transportation Services reserves the right to modify these regulations.

2.8 Parking permits remain the property of the University of Toronto Mississauga Parking & Transportation Services. Violations of parking regulations, improper or dishonest use of parking permits, failure to pay fees, or failure to comply with instructions from Parking Control Officers may result in the withdrawal of parking privileges.

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3.1 The U of T Mississauga Campus is private property. U of T Mississauga reserves the right to control motor vehicle access, driving, and parking on this campus. This is done in accordance with these regulations, as well as the provisions of the current Trespass to Property Act.

3.2 Parking is permitted only in designated spaces and/or designated parking lots, as stipulated in these regulations.

3.3 Parking & Transportation Services reserves the right to alter the type of permit issued with reasonable notice to permit holders.

3.4 Permits may not be sold, exchanged, given away, or purchased from or issued by any person, or agency, other than U of T Mississauga Parking & Transportation Services.

3.5 Storage of any vehicle is not permitted in any parking lot or garage. All vehicles must possess and clearly display a valid license plate.

3.6 All roads at U of T Mississauga are Designated Fire Routes and are enforced as regulated by the City of Mississauga by-laws.

3.7 Parking and traffic regulations are enforced on campus throughout the year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes all exam periods, break periods, and summer months.

3.8 The speed limit on campus roads is 30 km/h. The speed limit in all parking lots/driveways is 20 km/h. The speed limit in the CCT Garage is 10 km/h.

3.9 Driving on areas other than roadways and parking lots is prohibited.

3.10 All persons operating motor vehicles in parking lots on campus must comply with the instructions of the Parking & Transportation Services office, Parking Control Officers and/or Campus Police.

3.11 While parking in all lots, drivers will make proper use of the marked spaces, leaving aisles, entrances, and exits unobstructed. Please do not block vehicles or driveways. Oversized vehicles (i.e. trucks/trailers/vehicles with hitches/bike racks) must park in an acceptable manner and abide by these regulations. Offending vehicles are subject to enforcement.

3.12 Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times.

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4.1 Applicants must prove that they are eligible for parking permits. Parking & Transportation Services reserves the right to deny a permit in cases where it is assessed that an applicant does not meet required criteria.

4.2 Faculty/Staff parking permits are issued only to active University of Toronto Mississauga faculty and staff.

4.3 A limited number of student permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis to UTM affiliated students holding a valid student TCard.

4.4 Car pool parking permits are issued to at least two registered car owners, to a maximum of three, all of whom must be U of T Mississauga students, faculty or staff members. Vehicle ownership/registration must be presented with application. Each member of a car pool can register up to two vehicles. Car pool vehicles can park only in the parking lot for which the permit has been issued. No member of a car pool can apply for or concurrently hold a non-car pool parking permit.

University of Toronto Mississauga residents are not eligible for the car pool program.

4.6 Commercial parking permits are issued to a limited number of service people and contractors when a requirement for parking has been established. Commercial permits are only issued when parking is essential in the performance of the work. Commercial permits may be limited to specific parking location(s) as required. Authorized parking locations are subject to change in accordance with peak parking periods and parking lot capacities. Applications must be signed by an authorized University contact. In lieu of a valid permit, a daily pass may be purchased from a Pay and Display machine located throughout the campus. Lost/stolen parking permits will not be replaced - regardless of circumstances.

4.7 Athletic parking permits are issued ONLY to community members NOT affiliated with the University of Toronto in any way (cannot be a valid staff, faculty, or student). Vehicle ownership/registration & gym membership information must be presented at the time of permit application. Only one permit will be issued per fee paid. The permit must be transferred between registered vehicles only. Up to four vehicles can be registered to a permit. Permits are non-refundable. The permit can be purchased up to the membership’s expiry date, up to one year. If the membership is extended or renewed, another parking permit must be purchased to cover the duration of that membership. Permits are valid in P4 & P8 during the operating hours of the gym ONLY. Lost/stolen parking permits will not be replaced - regardless of circumstances.

4.8 Evening parking permits are issued to faculty, staff, students and visitors, to park in P4, P8 & P9, Monday to Friday from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. the following day and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory Holidays. Evening parking permits are valid in P1, P5 & the CCT Garage Monday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory Holidays. Lost or stolen parking permits will not be replaced - regardless of circumstances.

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5.1 Any vehicle parked on the University of Toronto Mississauga property must clearly display a valid permit or daily pass on the driver's side of the windshield/dashboard at all times. The permit number, permit type, expiration date, valid location and any specified license plate number(s) must be clearly visible. This regulation is in effect at all times throughout the year. Vehicles will be tagged/towed, at the owner's expense, for non-compliance.

5.2 If a valid parking permit is not clearly displayed in the vehicle, a daily pass must be purchased and displayed. Daily passes purchased from the Parking & Transportation office must have all fields (date, license plate, event and location) completed and written in ink in order to be valid. Any pass completed in pencil, or that appears to have been altered, is subject to enforcement.

5.3 Parking patrons (including staff, faculty and students) may acquire only one active permit at any time; with the exception of the option to purchase a supplementary permit where applicable (i.e. Sheridan Supplementary Permit).  Only one permit will be issued for each fee paid. Multiple permit purchases are prohibited. Parking privileges may be revoked for misuseLost or stolen parking permits/passes will not be replaced - regardless of circumstances.

5.4 All permit holders and all daily pass purchasers (Pay and Display) must display their permits clearly, at all times, when parking on campus.

5.5 Parking permits for Reserved P1 and P5 are assigned annually. Students may purchase permits based on availability. The purchase or display of pay and display passes are not permitted in P1 and P5 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

5.6 Parking lots P4, P8 & P9 may be utilized by annual and sessional Unreserved permit holders and all Unreserved daily pass purchasers

5.7 Individual parking permits are for use in available non-marked spaces only, and do not necessarily guarantee availability. Parking in barrier free, reserved and car pool spaces are prohibited, unless authorized by special permit.

5.8 Residence parking permits are allocated as follows: Schreiberwood - P7, P6 and P5, McGrath Valley - P10 and P5, McLuhan Court, Putnam Place, Leacock Lane, Roy Ivor Hall, Erindale Hall and Oscar Peterson Hall - P5. Lots P6, P7 & P10 are reserved for resident parking on a 24-hour basis. Lot assignment is subject to availability at the time of purchase; subject to demand, lot assignment via lottery may be required. Lot preference is not guaranteed.

5.9 Permits may not be transferred from one person to another except for car pool and ride share participants registered with the Parking & Transportation Services office. Please contact the office for details.

5.10 All U of T Mississauga parking permits (with the exception of Athletic parking permits) are valid in all U of T Mississauga parking lots after 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory Holidays (with the exception of all signed reserved spaces, car pool areas, resident parking – P6, P7 & P10 and all short term parking facilities such as Inner Circle Road).

5.11 There is no parking fee for motorcycles. However, they must be registered with the Parking & Transportation Services' office and parked in the designated areas of P5 and P9 (Health Science Complex) only. Motorcycles parked in any other location must clearly display a valid parking permit or daily pass.

5.12 Lost or stolen student or monthly permits will not be replaced – regardless of the circumstance.

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6.1 A limited number of UTM student permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis to UTM affiliated students holding valid student TCards. Permits may be purchased for an annual (September-August), 8-month (September- April), or 4-month (September-December, January- April and/or May-August) period. The availability of parking permits is not guaranteed. Parking permits are sold on a first come, first served basis.

6.2 Student parking permits are NOT transferable and are only valid in the designated lots stipulated by the permit. Vehicles may be tagged and/or towed for non-compliance.

6.3 To be valid, permits MUST be clearly displayed on the driver’s side windshield or dashboard of the vehicle whenever it is parked on campus.

6.4 U of T Mississauga student permits are valid only at the Mississauga campus.

6.5 If a student wishes to cancel their permit, a prorated refund will be granted ONLY if the permit is received by the Parking & Transportation Services' office in accordance with the established cancellation schedule. A month’s value of a permit is considered used after the first five business days of the month. An automatic $25.00 administrative fee is applied to all cancellations.

6.6 No refunds will be issued for annual permit cancellations made after the first five (5) business days of March.

6.7 Only the registered permit holder is authorized to make additions, changes or cancellations to the permit.

6.8 Lost or stolen permits will not be replaced - regardless of the circumstance.

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7.1 University of Toronto Mississauga faculty/staff permit holders may purchase a supplementary permit which would allow them to park at various designated locations on the St. George Campus. This supplementary permit is subject to a surcharge payable at the University of Toronto Mississauga Parking & Transportation Services office. Both the University of Toronto Mississauga permit and the supplementary permit must be displayed while parked in the designated areas on the St. George Campus

7.2 St. George supplementary permits can be purchased for Unreserved Lots (please refer to the St. George parking map for valid parking areas) or for a Designated Lot (107 St. George Street underground garage). An access card is required to access the 107 St. George Street underground garage and will be issued along with the supplementary permit at the time of purchase..

7.3 Students wishing to park at the St. George campus must purchase a St. George parking permit. Please visit the St. George Transportation Services office for further information.

7.4 Parking Control Officers carry out routine surveillance of all parking areas on the St. George Campus, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parking Infraction Notices (tickets) are issued in accordance with city bylaw regulations. Transportation Services has no authority to rescind parking tickets.

7.5 St. George faculty/staff permit holders (reserved, unreserved and lot reserved, only) may park without additional charge at U of T Mississauga in all the unreserved areas of P4, P8 & P9. When a vehicle is parked on campus, a valid permit must be clearly displayed in its windshield.

St. George Contact Information:

Transportation Services

Banting Institute, 100 College Street, Room 222,

Toronto, ON M5G 1L5

Tel: 416.978.7275 Fax: 416.978.1475

Visit the St. George Transportation Services at

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8.1 Payment for faculty and staff parking permits must be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, debit or cheque. Full-time faculty/staff may be eligible for payroll deductions as a form of payment. Eligibility will be verified by Parking & Transportation Services at the time of application. If an applicant is not eligible for payroll deductions, payment for the year is required either in full or by post-dated cheques. All cheques are to be made payable to the University of Toronto. Permits will only be issued after the applicant’s eligibility has been verified and payment received.

8.2 In cases where departments are paying for a parking permit, the authorization of the Principal, Dean or Director is needed on the application form as well as valid departmental account numbers and the name of the person in the department who may authorize a journal entry for this purpose. If a faculty/department is paying for an individual's parking permit, it may be considered a taxable benefit. Please consult Human Resources for assistance in determining whether it is considered a taxable benefit and the amount to be provided to the Payroll Department.

8.3 Payment for student parking permits may be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, debit, money order or certified cheque payable to the University of Toronto. Payment must be made in full at time of purchase.

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9.1 Faculty/staff/student wishing to cancel his/her permit must return the permit to the Parking & Transportation Services office within the first five business days of the month. Refunds for cancelled permits will be issued in accordance with the refund schedule posted on the Parking & Transportation Services website ( It is the permit holder's responsibility to return a permit for refund by the stated dates in order to receive the stated refund amount. No refunds will be issued for annual student permit cancellations made after the first five (5) business days of March. The refund schedule will be strictly followed – no exceptions will be made.

9.2 A telephone call or an email is not an acceptable method of cancellation.

9.3 Payroll deductions will not be stopped, or refunds authorized, until the permit has been received by the Parking & Transportation Services office and cancellation form completed.

9.4 A permit must be cancelled when university employment is terminated. Please note that if you are re-applying for a permit after canceling, you are not guaranteed availability in your desired area.

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10.1 Designated barrier free (accessible) parking spaces are located at: the Inner Circle; next to the Student Centre; P1, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, P10; the CCT Garage and Alumni House.

10.2 In order to acceptably park in any designated barrier free (accessible) space on campus, both a Provincial Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit (APP) and a valid University of Toronto Mississauga parking permit (or pass), must be clearly displayed on the driver's side windshield or dashboard of the parked vehicle. In other words, visitors, staff, faculty and students may park in any barrier free (accessible) parking space, in any lot on campus, provided they hold and clearly display an MTO Accessible Parking Permit (APP) and any valid UTM parking permit or pass.

10.3 Vehicles parked illegally in barrier free (accessible) parking spaces will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

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11.1 EV Charging spaces are available on the lower level of P8

11.2 A valid permit of pay & display ticket my be displayed at all time while using the EV charging stations

11.3 EV Charging spaces are to be used by vehicles while actively charging only.  A maximum 4 hour limit applies, after which fees apply. 

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12.1 During periods of construction or snow removal, permit holders may be required to park their vehicle in a different location for an extended period of time.

12.2 Where necessitated by special events or other circumstances, Parking & Transportation Services reserves the right to relocate permit holders within the U of T Mississauga campus.

12.3 Any requests for special consideration must be submitted in writing to the Parking & Transportation Services Office. The Parking Committee will assemble, as necessary, to consider requests or complaints in respect to parking. The Committee, whose decision will be final, will make all replies in writing.

12.4 In order for a third party (such as a parent, guardian, partner, sibling, friend) to conduct business with the University on your behalf (such as picking up your parking permit, parking documents, etc.), the third party requires a letter of authorization from the permit holder. This letter must include the date, permit holder's signature and specific instructions detailing what the third party can do. No faxes or photocopies will be accepted.

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13.1 Visitors may park in P4, P8, P9, P11, Alumni House or in the CCT Garage. Visitors may also park in lots P1 & P5 between the hours of 5:00pm and 8:00am the following day on weekdays, and any time on weekends and statutory holidays.  At these locations, passes can be purchased at Pay & Display machines. These machines accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and exact coin. Tap Payments (including Debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay) are expected to be available in the summer of 2019.

13.2 Pay & Display passes are valid only in the parking lot from which they are purchased.

13.3 Day, evening, weekend and overnight parking fees are in effect for all visitors parking.

13.4 Overnight parking by visitors, including visitors to student residences, is not permitted without a valid parking pass, which may be purchased at a Pay & Display machine located on campus.

13.5 Failure to display a day pass because of a 'failed' or out of order Pay & Display machine will result in the issuance of a Parking Infraction Notice (ticket) and/or a tow of the vehicle at the owner's expense. Please refer to the Campus Map for locations of multiple Pay & Display machines in various lots. Parking & Transportation Services has no authority to rescind parking tickets.

13.6 The daily pass and Pay & Display machine rates may be adjusted from time to time, according to market conditions. All prices include HST.

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14.1 Parking on the campus is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

14.2 Any vehicle parked in a designated space or lot other than that for which the displayed permit/pass was issued, will be tagged and/or towed at the owner's expense.

14.3 Parking on campus roads, grass, parking space dividing lines or hatched marked areas is prohibited.

14.4 Tow orders (to be paid at the owner's expense) will be issued for any vehicle that has received three or more parking violations or is parked in a signed reserved area.

14.5 It is the policy of the University of Toronto that smoking is prohibited in all University buildings and on all University premises, except for Designated Smoking Areas, which may be available during a transition period. This policy applies to all users of the University of Toronto including faculty, staff, students and visitors. More information can be found at: This policy is enforced under municipal by-law.

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15.1 The Parking Committee will assemble, as necessary, to consider requests or complaints in respect to parking. All communications to the Committee must be done in writing and forwarded to the Parking & Transportation Services' office. The Committee will not consider appeals against parking tickets, which is the responsibility of the provincial courts or the City of Mississauga Administrative Penalty System (APS). The Committee, whose decision will be final, will make all replies in writing (unless otherwise requested).

15.2 The tagging and towing of vehicles, parked in violation of these regulations, will be performed by officers empowered to issue municipal and provincial parking tickets.

15.3 U of T Mississauga has no authority to revoke a City of Mississauga parking infraction ticket. Ticketing issues must proceed through the City of Mississauga appeal system.

15.4 Municipal parking tickets are payable to the City of Mississauga (in person or online)

15.5 Vehicles towed by the City of Mississauga will be released upon payment of towing and storage charges. These rates are set by the City and are liable to change without notice.

15.6 Inquiries about the release of towed vehicles will be answered by the U of T Mississauga Campus Police. Room 3116 William G. Davis Building, Tel.905.828.5200

15.7 Permits/daily passes may not be reproduced or altered. The use of reproduced or altered permits/daily passes is a violation of these regulations and may result in corrective and/or disciplinary action and/or fines. The permit holder, and/or the responsible party involved, may be charged with fraud under the Criminal Code if a permit is found to be altered or manufactured.

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