Visitor / Day Parking


Pay and Display Parking Rates

Monday - Friday 6:00am - 5:00pm 

*Daily max ticket valid until 8:00am next day*


1/2hr Rate Daily Max
CCT $3.00 $20.00


P4/P8 $2.50 $15.00



Weekday Evenings

All Day Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays 5:00pm - 8:00am next day

Area 1/2hr Rate Daily Max
CCT $1.75 $10.00
P9 $1.25 $7.00
P1/P4/P5/P8 $1.00 $6.00

*The daily Pay by Plate rates may be adjusted from time to time, according to market conditions (All prices include HST)*

Pay by Plate Machine Locations: Please refer to the U of T Mississauga Parking Map for Pay and Display machine locations here in various lots.

Visitor / daily parking permits may be purchased from a Pay by Plate machines in Lots P4, P8, and P9, Alumni House or in the CCT Garage.  Pay by Plate machines located in Reserved Lots P1 and P5 are only active after 5:00pm Monday through Friday, all day on weekends and statutory holidays. Weekday parking before 5:00pm in these lots is strictly prohibited.

The Pay by Plate machines accept Visa, Master Card, American Express or Coin as payment. Contactless/Tap payments, including Debit, Apple Pay & Google Pay are accepted. 

Virtual Parking permits are required on all vehicles parked on U of T Mississauga property at all times throughout the year.

Day, evening, weekend, and overnight parking fees are in effect for all visitor parking. Overnight parking by visitors, including visitors to student residences, is not permitted without a valid parking permit, which may be purchased at a Pay by Plate machine located on campus.

Failure to purchase and register at  Pay by Plate machine will result in an issuance of a Parking Infraction Notice (ticket) and/or a tow of the vehicle at the owner’s expense. Numerous Pay by Plate machines are located throughout campus. Parking & Transportation Services has no authority to rescind parking tickets.

Visitors with an MTO Accessible parking permit must also display a valid Pay by Plate or virtual parking permit when parking on campus.

Instructions on how to purchase a parking pass are listed next to each Pay by Plate machine .



Accessible Parking for Visitors

Parking Services at U of T Mississauga has a number of parking spaces dedicated to the use of those who have a Provincial Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit (APP) . These spaces are for the sole use of UTM community members who have an APP parking permit, used in conjunction with either a UTM parking permit or UTM daily/visitor permit.

Please learn more about the barrier free (accessible) parking spaces on campus here



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