FREE 48-hour bike rental and repair service at University of Toronto Mississauga.
Open to all U of T students, faculty and staff.

Bike Tours and Events
Running all year round


Guided tours of the UTM Nature Trail, Bike-Bazaar, Safe Riding workshops, and more! Find out about our events on Facebook.

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Join and Visit
Sign up and ride. That simple.

3 Easy Step Sign-up

You only have to fill and sign a waiver form once. After that, just show your T-Card. Sign up at the office or online.

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Educational Repairs
Learn basic repairs!


We will teach you how to do change a flat tire, tighten up handlebars and other basic repairs. If you know what you need to do, we have FREE tools you can use.

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Get in Touch
Conveniently located outside Student Centre


We are located outside Student Centre facing the CCT Building. Contact us to learn more about the service or find out about volunteer opportunities.


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