Brampton Transit


Brampton Transit

Important Information

  • UTM and Brampton Transit offer an express bus transit route between the Brampton Gateway Terminal and UTM
  • UTM students residing in Brampton may find this option helpful as it trims at least 30-40 minutes off the one-way travel time normally encountered between these two points
  • This service is operated by Brampton Transit and is part of its normal fare structure, allowing riders the choice to pay with cash or their PRESTO cards
    Note that this program is not associated with UTM’s U-Pass with MiWay


What are the route’s details?

  • This express service will run directly between the Brampton Gateway Terminal (intersection of Steeles Ave. and Main St., adjoining Shoppers World shopping centre) and UTM (near the UTM Student Centre) without stops in-between

What are the dates of operation and schedule?

How much will it cost?

  • Individual riders will pay the normal Brampton Transit fare when boarding; the cost varies depending on whether the passenger pays a single cash fare or uses a PRESTO card
    See the Brampton Transit website for fares and other information


What if the route timing doesn’t work with my schedule? What if the bus is full?  

  • One express bus is scheduled for each departure
  • If there are more interested riders than the capacity of the express bus, those who cannot be accommodated on the express bus can use alternative routes that typically transfer between Brampton Transit and MiWay at the Mississauga City Centre Transit Terminal at Square One — this results in a longer travel time but offers more flexible schedule options



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