Carpool Program

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To qualify for the Carpool Program, at least 2 UTM community members (students, faculty or staff), join together to form a carpool. They will bring one vehicle to campus at a time, therefore sharing the parking space and the cost of the parking permit.

How does it work?

  • Designated carpool spaces are located in preferred locations of lots P5, P8, P9 & the CCT Garage
  • Carpool permits cost the same as regular permits for each lot, but give users access to preferred, designated spaces
  • Each registered carpool group may request up to 12 complimentary day parking passes per year for occasions where their carpool schedules do not align, and more than 1 member needs to park on campus at once. 
  • No member of a car pool can apply for or concurrently hold an additional non-carpool parking permit.

How to Apply

Carpool permits can be purchased during the regular staff and student presales for 2023-2024.

Only 1 carpool member purchases the permit, then registers other members information with the parking office. 



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