Student Parking Permits for the 2023-2024 Academic Year


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  • Permits are sold on a first come, first served basis to UTM students, staff & faculty only.  Availability is not guaranteed.
  • Permits are for use in available, non-marked spaces only, and do not necessarily guarantee availability. Parking in barrier free, reserved and car pool spaces are prohibited, unless authorized by special permit.
  • All permits purchased during the presale in August are valid as of September 1, 2023 and are subject to the full annual or sessional rate.
  • Permits purchased after September 1, 2023 are valid as of the purchase date, pro-rated according to the month purchased
  • Rates include HST

Please note: To login at the purchasing site, use the “UTORid Login” option with your UTORid (or JOINid if you haven’t yet activated your UTORid)


NEW: We have transitioned to Virtual Permits!

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Effective September 1, 2023, physical parking receipts and/or parking hangtags are no longer available at UTM parking lots. Instead, registering the license plate of your vehicle(s) online will serve as a ‘virtual permit’.  Click here for more details


Annual Parking Permits 

Valid September 1, 2023 - August 31, 2024 

* Purchase totals may differ slightly due to tax calculation rounding


CCT Garage




P4 & P8

  Underground Parking -Permits & Daily Parking  Permits & Daily Parking Reserved for permit holders only Weekdays 8am-5pm Reserved for permit holders only Weekdays 8am-5pm Permits & Daily Parking Valid in lots P4-P8-P9 after 3:30pm Mon-Thurs, all day Fri/Sat/Sun
Permit Cost $ 1,496.60 $958.31 $1,206.74 $1,242.94 $837.60 $248.88*
Monthly Breakdown  $  124.72  $ 79.86  $  100.56  $ 103.58  $ 69.80 $20.74

*Evening permits may be purchased in 30 day increments at a rate of $20.74/30 days


Sessional Parking Permits 

Sessional parking permits are available to UTM students only and are valid in Lots P4 & P8

* Purchase totals may differ slightly due to tax calculation rounding


Fall & Winter





September 1 to April 30, 2024

8 Months

September 1 - December 31, 2023

4 months

January 1 - April 30, 2024

4 months

May 1 - August 31, 2024

4 months
Permit Cost  $  704.82  $ 352.41 $ 352.41   $ 352.41
Monthly Breakdown $ 88.10/month      


Cancellations & Refunds

  • The last day to cancel a student annual parking permit for a prorated refund is March 7, 2024. 
  • Sessional permits can be cancelled at any time

  • A $25.00 administrative fee is applied to all cancellations


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