Commerce (BCom, HBA, HBSc)

The Commerce Programs combines economics and the various sub-disciplines of management enabling students to develop analytical skills and gain knowledge of institutions.  This background is useful for solving problems and making decisions in business and government environments.  Courses are taught by internationally recognized scholars and educators with outstanding academic and professional qualifications.  Commerce graduates frequently become professional accountants, economists, actuaries, financial analysts, marketing analysts, managers of firms and government, or proprietors of small business.  Some commerce students choose to do post-graduate studies in law and/or MBA programs.

Career success upon graduation from the Commerce and Management Programs requires the social skills, professionalism and maturity developed through active participation in the extensive extra-curricular programming activities offered by the Department of Management, and our undergraduate societies, over these 4 year programs. These activities include attendance and participation in conferences, competitions, seminars and workshops. Your normal full academic course load is 5 courses/term in the fall term and the winter term. The Department of Management monitors course loads and actively discourages students from registering in more than 6 courses in any semester, as this would significantly restrict your ability  to enjoy academic success, while getting the most value out of your educational experience while at the University of Toronto, Mississauga.

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Commerce Programs:

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