Students entering through doors to go to their classes on the first day of school

At UTM, we’ve got your back with these supports and opportunities

Ali Raza

As U of T Mississauga’s students return to campus for the fall term, a wide range of supports is available to help them connect with campus resources, get involved with campus life and meet new friends.

Here’s a breakdown of the tools to help students confidently navigate their academic journey while creating new connections along the way.

Support for new students

Orientation for new UTM students runs from Sept. 1 to 10 with a jam-packed schedule of activities and events. Eagle Orientation, UTM’s orientation program for September, provides new students with an introduction to life at UTM as they discover the campus, meet new friends and prepare for the first week of classes. Co-ordinated by the Centre for Student Engagement, this fall’s orientation includes the following main events:

Sept. 2: Parent, Family and Supporters Orientation

Sept. 5: International and New to Canada Student Welcome

Sept. 5: Academic Department Orientations

Sept. 5: Resource & Involvement Fair and BBQ

Sept. 5: Black Excellence Social

Sept. 6: Campus Bites and Sights at U of T Mississauga

Sept. 7: Taste of UTM

Sept. 9: International Student Mixer

Sept. 9: Residence Festival

In addition, new students can take advantage of UTM’s Ask Me Campaign — staff and faculty across campus wearing an Ask Me button will be available for any questions students might have on how to get to a location on campus or how to find resources.

Students are also encouraged to visit the Centre for Student Engagement (CSE) front desk office in Davis Building Room 2077 to have their questions answered. The office is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. year around.

Details on UTM Students’ Union fall orientation can be found here.

The CSE also offers LAUNCH – an initiative bringing together the academic and community aspects of being a new UTM student. It consists of a series of interactive weekly sessions taught by upper-year students in a matching academic discipline. New students can register on ACORN for the 10-week fall session.

Mental health, accessibility and equity

UTM Mental Health Resources include access to the UTM Health & Counselling Centre to assist students experiencing a wide range of challenges. Accessibility Services can accommodate students who have a documented learning, physical, sensory, mental health disability or medical condition, and the university’s Equity & Diversity Office provides programs and services related to equity and human rights.

Athletics and clubs

Looking for like-minded students with similar interests and hobbies? Whether it’s the UTM Dance Team, the Poker Club, Chess, eSports or more, there’s a club that caters to your interests.

The Student Organization Portal can help students find several student groups, events and opportunities across all three campuses. A directory of clubs, it includes information on what each group does and how to go about joining, and is a great resource to discover campus groups.

UTM Students’ Union also hosts a clubs fair this week for students to explore the many options available. More details on the clubs fair and the UTMSU Orientation can be found here.

For students seeking to join UTM’s athletic community and become a part of the UTM Eagles team, Tri-Campus Tryouts begin Sept. 1, with dates for indoor sports tryouts and outdoor sports tryouts, as well as sign-up information for a myriad of athletic programs across U of T.

Support for international students

UTM’s International Education Centre (IEC) provides support for international students on campus, offering workshops, events, trips, mentorships and more.

The Canada Eh? program helps international and new-to-Canada students learn about Canada through a facilitated workshop, off campus trips (Niagara Falls on Sept. 23) and on campus events like the Thankgiving Dinner on Oct. 5.

The International Student Mentorship Program pairs international students with upper year mentors to support their transition to UTM and Canada.

IEC also offers THRIVE, a one-day program that runs in September for new international students and again in January for international students preparing for graduation. The program provides tailored information to support the transition in and out of UTM with immigration, employment, work permits, taxes, etc. and provides networking opportunities with professionals.

The Global Intercultural Fluency Training Series (GIFTS) offers UTM students an opportunity to expand intercultural awareness through a series of workshops that connect individuals through an exploration of their intercultural identity.

Soon to be scheduled for this fall, International Education Week offers campus-wide events celebrating interculturalism with workshops, speakers, and an on-campus fair.

Support for students living on residence

Student Housing & Residence Life offers its share of supports for students living on-campus. Students living in residence will have an opportunity to connect with residence dons and other students in a series of events and workshops.

Opportunities to connect include community gatherings, academic development workshops, academic advisors in residence, a student housing advisory committee, and other programs to help students build community, get the information they need for their academics, and offer a space to voice their opinions and ideas about student housing and life on residence.