Professional Graduate Programs

Master of Management & Professional Accounting (MMPA)

The Master of Management & Professional Accounting Program (MMPA) offers an integrated program, combining the best of a graduate education in management and professional accounting over five academic terms and two co-operative work terms in a professional accounting environment. The Program is designed primarily for non-business undergraduates seeking to obtain a graduate business degree, but advanced standing is offered to students with requisite undergrad courses.

Master of Forensic Accounting Program (MFAcc)

The Master of Forensic Accounting (MFAcc) program is designed to provide a graduate professional accountant, or equivalent, with the skills, knowledge, insights and professional characteristics necessary to successfully respond effectively to: the challenges of investigating fraud; other aspects of white-collar crime; other financial disputes; and the provision of reports, advice and evidence to clients, lawyers and courts for the resolution of situations relating to possible or pending civil or criminal legal proceedings.

Master of Management of Innovation (MMI)

Designed for people with a background in science and technology, the Master of Management of Innovation was developed in consultation with leaders and future employers in industry, government and research. This accelerated twelve-month professional degree is for individuals pursuing management careers in technology-focused organizations.

Master of Biotechnology (MBiotech)

MBiotech is a 24 month, course-based professional degree incorporating both science and business courses with 8-12 months of work experience in the biotechnology, medical device and biopharmaceutical sectors. The carefully selected combination of courses, coupled with relevant industry experience and a strong focus on teamwork, provides our graduates with a truly interdisciplinary educational experience at a world-renowned university.

Master of Biomedical Communications (MScBMC)

This MScBMC program, unique in Canada, is one of 5 accredited programs of its kind. The curriculum bridges the disciplines of art, science, medicine and communication. Students create and evaluate original visual materials for health promotion, medical education, knowledge transfer, and as part of the process of scientific discovery. Our graduate program combines theoretical and applied approaches to the profession of medical and scientific illustration.

Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM)

The MScSM is a 20-month professional masters’ program designed to educate students to act outside the traditional disciplinary black boxes; integrate knowledge from management, social and natural sciences to address sustainability issues; and make leading contributions and lasting advances in sustainability management. The program is unique among science and management graduate programs by providing a strong foundation in sustainability management while offering an opportunity to specialize in a management or science stream. The program includes four academic and one experiential (co-op) term. The program is designed for students from diverse backgrounds such as management science, social science, and natural science and engineering.  The MScSM degree is for individuals who want to pursue management careers in sustainability-related divisions and organizations in private, public and non-government sectors.  

Master of Urban Innovation (MUI)

The Master of Urban Innovation (MUI) program is a 20-month professional masters program for students interested in urban issues and economic development. The program, which includes 4 academic and one placement term, is uniquely designed to provide a new generation of practitioners with an in-depth understanding of the role that innovative, vibrant, liveable and supportive city-regions play in sustaining the quality of life and economic well-being of Canadians.