Office of the Vice-President and Principal

New Year's message from UTM’s interim vice-president and principal, Professor Ulrich Krull

Professor Ulrich Krull

As we turn the calendar page, we're now entering a new year. It’s 2017 and we look forward to this with a great deal of excitement!

Traditionally at New Year's, one thinks about resolutions, renewal, a sense of energy—and this year, I think we're going to have a particularly exciting time. Not only are we at the end of the visioning exercise, where the community has decided what UTM would like to be, but we're also entering a stage where we're beginning to discuss strategy. We invite you to participate in that, as we think about how to build the future of this campus.

And what better time than the 50th anniversary of U of T Mississauga. 50 years of becoming something very special! The 50th anniversary will be filled with various activities, symposia, meetings and celebrations, and we invite you to participate. If you want to know what's going on, please visit the 50th anniversary website, and if you have ideas as to what you like to contribute, contact the Office of Advancement.

I look forward to sharing the past successes of UTM with you as we celebrate the history of this place, and also to building the future of UTM as we think about strategies to take us forward.

Welcome to 2017!


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