Office of the Vice-President and Principal

A new year at U of T Mississauga

Professor Ulli Krull

For some, January 1 marks the new year, as the calendar rolls over in a midwinter refresh. Others see the budding blossoms and egg-filled nests of spring as the year’s rebirth.

But at U of T Mississauga, our new year arrives a little later, when August gives way to September, and the campus transforms from the summer lull to the tumult of a new academic year. Quiet corridors are filled with students looking for classrooms, making friends and discovering their own part in the UTM experience.

For some, their path may take them to the new Innovation Complex and the Institute for Management & Innovation, a collaborative, cross-disciplinary institute producing mission-focused managers and future leaders. They may gravitate to the sciences, and interact with chemist Professor Patrick Gunning, who leads a large lab searching for effective, molecularly targeted therapies for brain and other cancers. They may walk the stage at Theatre Erindale, whose graduates have gone on to high-profile careers on Canadian stage and screen. Or they may find a home in the Forensics program, learning to apply anthropology, biology, chemistry and psychology to matters of justice and safety.

Along with academics, our students can choose from a variety of extracurricular pursuits, from varsity athletics to student clubs to community action projects. All of these programs enrich student life and build relationships, so that as the months go by, a stroll down the Five-Minute Walk means encountering the now-familiar faces of faculty, staff and fellow students.

As acting principal, it is my great privilege to meet and chat with our new and returning students, and find out about their aspirations, concerns and plans for the future. As a faculty member, I am committed to the success of our students, and to ensuring that their experience as members of the UTM community is inclusive, challenging and rewarding.

I welcome all of our students, faculty and staff back to another great “New Year” at U of T Mississauga. Eagles Take Off!  

Professor Ulli Krull
Acting Vice-President and Principal