This draft Strategic Framework is also available as a downloadable PDF.

A visual representation of UTM's Strategic Framework
A visual representation of the University of Toronto Mississauga's Strategic Framework

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Context & Purpose

  • Empowered by prior plans, UTM’s Strategic Framework articulates our plans’ collective purpose. Balancing structure with agility, it shares an account of what we do; a description of the priorities we will enact; and a vision of the positive change we will create.

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  • Grounded by the trust embedded in our campus motto and our physical place, the University of Toronto Mississauga unifies our energies in the pursuit of collective flourishing: the flourishing of bodies and minds, of cultures and communities, of economies and ecosystems.

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The Five Priorities

Scales of justice, in icon format

Centre Truth, Openness, and Reciprocity

  • Answer calls for truth and reconciliation.
  • Deepen connections with Indigenous peoples and communities.
  • Communicate with openness, honesty, and cooperation.

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Lightbulb, in icon format

Inspire Academic Creativity for Student Success

  • Recruit and retain outstanding and promising students; graduate globally-minded, lifelong learners.
  • Champion positive transformations in Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Education.
  • Foster student flourishing with augmented systems of support.

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Magnifying glass, in icon format

Enable Impactful Discovery in Student and Faculty Research

  • Engage world-leading faculty, graduate, and student researchers.
  • Advance disciplinary discovery, artistic creativity, and interdisciplinary innovation.
  • Catalyze research growth and impact through institutional, regional, and global networks.

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Leaves, in icon format

Develop Inclusive Spaces and Sustainable Operations

  • Nourish a campus culture of safety, health, and accessibility.
  • Enact initiatives in equity and anti-racism.
  • Focus campus operations and infrastructure on beauty, biodiversity, and sustainability.

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Icon representing hands cupping a heart shape

Embrace our Location for Connection, Wellbeing, and Care

  • Build community collaborations to improve community health.
  • Propel regional efforts in economic resilience.
  • Incorporate Mississauga’s pasts and presents into campus identity.

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Next Steps

  • This framework represents only a working draft. To strengthen its content with additional perspectives, UTM plans on hosting a series of focused conversations in fall 2021. The draft framework will remain accessible online to encourage widespread feedback from our community.