Priorities, Commitments and Accountabilities

This revised Strategic Framework is also available as a downloadable PDF.

The UTM Strategic Framework promotes the campus’s work in five priority areas, which come together around a central commitment to honesty, transparency, and the building of trusting and reciprocal relationships. Arranged in a circle to suggest their non-hierarchical unity, these priorities express UTM’s intention to foster student success; empower research discovery and impact; encourage collaboration and belonging; build efficient and sustainable operations; and embrace our place in the world.

These actions revolve around a focus on truth, openness and reciprocity, which is central to everything we do. This priority applies first to UTM’s relations with Indigenous people and communities. UTM must strive to answer calls for truth and reconciliation and to become a more deserving home for Indigenous students, faculty, librarians, staff and partners. To do so, we will seek and speak truths, be transparent, accountable and good kin to one another. Through honesty and kindness, we will begin to fulfill the responsibilities entailed by the privilege of learning and working on the traditional lands of the Wendat and Seneca and the territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit, next to Missinihe, the trusting creek.

Each of the five encircling priority areas entails three orienting commitments that range from enacting initiatives in equity and anti-racism to recruiting and retaining outstanding students. These commitments are followed by five questions, designed as mechanisms for accountability. The UTM Principal will lead a review of the Strategic Plan annually with the UTM community and in consultation with U of T’s President and Provost and other tricampus leaders. All aspects of the plan will be considered, but the review will pay special attention to these accountabilities. After the review a report, and—when necessary—updates to the framework will be posted on the Principal’s website. The report will celebrate successes, identify areas for change, and realize our commitment to openness and continual planning and improvement. Through this process, UTM will highlight our impact as a division and campus of U of T, Canada’s best university, championing inclusive excellence that enables people, communities and environments to flourish.