Foster Student Success

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At a meeting in April 2021, a member of UTM’s academic leadership team encouraged us to “reimagine the experience of post-secondary student education,” an ambition in line with U of T’s Presidential Priorities, and encouraged by our 2017 Academic Plan, through which UTM took actions that enriched every aspect of our educational mission. UTM has improved student retention, engagement and experiential education. We have prioritized effective learning outcomes and invested in caring pedagogies. We have sought to make UTM a more worthy home for Indigenous teachers and students. Our new Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy supports world-leading scholarship on teaching and learning. These achievements reflect our Academic Plan’s commitment to teamwork and creativity, as we embrace opportunities for staff, instructors, librarians and students and our partners, including alumni and donors, to work together to enhance our students’ educational experience.

The positive impact of our Academic Plan is a foundation for continued creativity and ongoing teamwork. Alongside our first-in-Canada foundational courses in writing and numeracy, UTM
is developing new, integrated approaches to student recruitment, advising, and co-curricular engagement and support. We offer students unique opportunities to work alongside researchers, local industry leaders and entrepreneurs, and community partners. We connect curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programming and encourage anti-racist and decolonizing pedagogies. We promote signature undergraduate and professional master’s programs in a wide range of fields, including forensic science, sustainability management, occupational therapy, urban innovation, theatre and drama, and biomedical communication.

A commitment to student success inspires the innovative work in UTM’s offices of the Dean, Registrar, Library and Student Services, and informs the pedagogies of our librarians, faculty, instructors and teaching assistants. UTM cultivates an educational environment that sets us apart by combining student learning, research, engagement and support into a holistic, enriching experience.


  • Recruit and retain outstanding and promising students and graduate lifelong learners and engaged global citizens.
  • Lead positive transformations in undergraduate, graduate, and professional teaching and learning.
  • Foster student flourishing through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular supports.


  • Have we attracted talented and diverse students to UTM?
  • Have we supported students’ living, learning, belonging and wellbeing, ensuring that they progress successfully to program completion?
  • Have we developed and improved innovative curricula, programs and pedagogical practices that adapt to new research and to social, environmental and economic change?
  • Have we opened opportunities—in the classroom, Library, Student Services, with external partners and elsewhere—for transformational learning on campus and beyond?
  • Have we encouraged collaboration across the campus and U of T as we enhance our program and course design, pedagogical innovation, research opportunities, recruitment and advising, international experience, career development, alumni and donor engagement, and wellness and integrity?