Continuous Planning

This revised Strategic Framework is also available as a downloadable PDF.

UTM’s Strategic Framework is open-ended, rather than timebound. This is in part because we benefit from plans already in place or in development that are structured on concrete timelines. Our Sustainability Strategic Plan and our Campaign Plan each have a ten-year horizon; our Campus Master Plan extends over 15 years; and in 2023, a new Academic Plan will set our academic objectives for five years. The framework will ground further strategic planning exercises over the next two years, most notably in research, external engagement and people strategy. The framework serves not as a pre-determined plan, but as a guide to continuous planning, setting the priorities around which new projects and plans will evolve on an ongoing basis.

Our commitment to continuous planning matches the scope of UTM’s ambition. We seek to practice pedagogies of kindness; to steward our land responsibly; to champion equity and anti-racism; and to effect genuine reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. These goals will outlast any one-, three- and five-year deliverables, and they will be realized in ways we haven’t yet imagined, through new initiatives, new collaborations and new plans.

UTM’s framework makes room for these new opportunities. It projects a vision for a flourishing future to guide and inspire the students, colleagues and communities to whom that future belongs.