Empower Research Discovery and Impact

At a workshop in June 2021, when asked what UTM researchers should aim to achieve in the next fifteen years, one of our Departmental Chairs responded: “a cure for cancer.” Like all researchers at U of T, UTM’s scientists, artists, and scholars have lofty goals. They are ambitious, curious and dedicated to work that has immediate and enduring impact. UTM scientists work on new diagnostic approaches and treatment for rare diseases and chronic illnesses. Our researchers collect and interpret data and invent new technologies that can drive positive changes in the world; investigate structures of inequality and inform policies for social justice; illuminate the diversity of human experience and creativity around the globe; and promote Indigenous ways of knowing.

UTM also shares this knowledge openly, as we seek to benefit local communities in Mississauga, Peel and surrounding regions and as we contribute U of T’s world-leading research endeavours. Today, leveraging tri-campus U of T partnerships and investments by donors, UTM is improving diabetes care in Mississauga and modelling equitable community health globally. Our researchers in robotics, biomanufacturing, finance and economics, and communications technology innovate in a range of industries and fields, from climate adaptation and supply chain logistics to pharmaceutical discovery and human-computer interaction. We support initiatives in Indigenous justice, child and youth mental health and wellbeing and urban ecology. UTM faculty, librarians, curators, and students work together to uncover new histories, lift up new voices and create new art. UTM research promotes innovation, discovery, belonging, truth and the journey towards reconciliation.

At UTM, research contributions also energize the distinctiveness of our teaching and learning. Students learn new knowledge directly from the researchers who discover it and become active participants in research inquiry themselves, carrying their discoveries from the classroom, library and lab into the workplace and world. This collaborative process amplifies our research impact and enriches a dynamic research culture that connects us to global networks and centres for inclusive research excellence across the U of T tricampus and beyond. With support from our alumni and donors, outstanding staff and core facilities, our Library’s resources, faculty expertise and students’ inventive energies, UTM provides a home where the best researchers in the world help make the world a better place.


  • Attract, support and retain world-leading faculty, postdoctoral, graduate and student researchers.
  • Advance disciplinary insight, interdisciplinary innovation, artistic creativity, and scholarly curiosity and critique.
  • Catalyze research inquiry that enhances U of T’s reputation for inclusive excellence as it delivers benefits both regionally and globally.


  • Have we fostered a dynamic research environment, with administrative and infrastructural supports that encourage our researchers’ diverse pursuits?
  • Have we built rewarding collaborations between and among faculty, students, librarians and research and core facilities staff at UTM and elsewhere at U of T?
  • Have our research discoveries shaped academic inquiry, student teaching and learning, innovations in industry and entrepreneurship, and public discourse?
  • Have we cultivated research partnerships that leverage the strengths of UTM’s unique location and of U of T’s tri-campus system?
  • Does research at UTM address challenges of immediate and enduring relevance, translating knowledge effectively for internal and external communities?