Vice-President and Principal

Alexandra Gillespie and colleague Chris Yip
Photo by Matt Volpe

Alexandra Gillespie—an internationally recognized researcher and teacher and a deep believer in the power of collaboration—is Vice-President and Principal of U of T Mississauga.

Reporting to U of T’s President, Alex works both as a member of U of T’s tri-campus leadership team and as UTM’s chief executive officer. She sets strategic priorities; communicates the university’s vision and impact; and helps guide all aspects of campus operations—from research and teaching to budget and safety.

In each case, Alex aims to find new ways to help our communities flourish here, at UTM: to support success for our 16,500+ students, and strengthen connections for our 68,000+ alumni and friends; to encourage inclusive collaborations for our 1,250+ faculty, staff, and librarians; and to share knowledge and opportunities for a Mississauga community on behalf of Peel Region’s only—and Canada’s best—global research university.