Digital Enterprise Management (DEM)

Prepare for management roles in the digital age by developing a working knowledge of emerging technologies. Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) is a Specialist Program offered through Communications, Culture, Information and Technology. Studies in DEM focus on the technologies comprising the Internet and the Web, which are transforming existing companies and providing fertile ground for the creation of new digital enterprises. Experts agree that such enterprises must be managed in fundamentally different ways from their industrial age precursors. This program explores this new managerial environment. Students will gain an understanding of the technologies that underlie digital businesses and the managerial challenges and techniques appropriate for being active and valuable participants in digital enterprises.

The Digital Enterprise Management program is compliant with the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills (CCICT)’s  Business Technology Management (BTM) program. To learn more about BTM, visit:

Digital Enterprise Management offers a Specialist program

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