Marie-Pier Boucher photo

Marie-Pier Boucher

Assistant Professor
Office Location:
CCT 4009

Programs: CCIT; Graduate Appointment at Faculty of Information
Specialization: Media Studies, STS, Biotechnology, Health, Environment, Outer space, Urban Studies and Architectural Design, Art History and Communication Studies

 Dr. Boucher’s research focuses on the design of habitats for sustaining life in extreme environments. She is currently working on a book project, which looks at the relationship between health, architectural design and perceptual activity in a range of extreme environments (physical and symbolic) to examine how the changes in direction and orientation induced by levitation and microgravity can inform the design of Earth-based habitats. She is also working on an umbrella project, Interplanetary Habitation: The Earth, the Moon, Mars and the City, which investigates the socio-technical future of planetary life in relation to growing concerns over health and biotechnology, mobility and artificial intelligence.