Mail Services at UTM


Letters / LettermailTM

  • Any mail that is contained in an envelope
  • There are 2 size categories of envelopes
    • Regular Envelopes
      • ​Maximum Dimensions (as posted on the Canada Post website)
        • ​Length: 24.5 cm or 9.65 in
        • Width: 15.6 cm or 6.14 in
        • Height: .5 cm or .2 in
    • Large Envelopes 
      • ​Maximum Dimensions (as posted on the Canada Post website)
        • ​Length: 38 cm or 14.96 in
        • Width: 27 cm or 10.62 in
        • Height: 2 cm or .79 in
  • Please Note: the Maximum Weight for LettermailTM is 500g (1.1lbs), if it weighs more than 500g (1.1lbs) it will be considered a Parcel


​Regular Parcels

  • A Regular Parcel (as posted on the Canada Post website) refers to any LettermailTM that weighs more than 500g (1.1lbs)
  • Any package that weighs up to 30kg (66lbs) and has the following minimum and maximum dimensions:
    • ​Length: 2m or 78.74 in
    • Length + Girth: 3m or 118.11 in


Please Note: any Parcel that exceeds the maximum size or height must be shipped using a Courier Service, and you can fill out their form here. Please print he form and have it with you parcel when we come around to pick up the mail!


Postage Rates

Rates for Lettermail TM can be found on the Canada Post postage rates webpage. You can purchase domestic stamps at the UTM Mail Room.

Rates for Regular Parcels can be found by using the Rate Calculator at the Canada Post website.


Canada Post Mailbox on Campus

There is a Canada Post Mailbox located in front of the main entrance Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre, across from P8.

Mail Box Picture

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