Person reaching for games on shelf

Game studies, global leadership and labour theory: back-to-school brings new courses to UTM

Kate Martin

UTM’s course calendar features options well beyond the standard reading, writing and arithmetic. New courses this year will give students the opportunity to explore the future of work, analyze the fast-growing technology sector, study the brain or delve into pixelated worlds.

Here are some of the cool new offerings for the 2023-24 school year.

Gaming culture

As part of UTM’s new games studies minor, the department of English and drama is offering ENG319H5: Sexuality, Race, and Gender in Video Games and Gaming Culture.

In this class, students will examine games from blockbusters to indie titles, to interpret the roles of gender, race, sexuality and the non-human world. The class will also discuss games as instruments of persuasion, protest, social change and community formation.

Debuting this fall, the game studies minor is a collaboration with the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology, partly inspired by UTM’s acquisition of the Syd Bolton Collection, an archive of 14,000 games and 5,000 game magazine issues.

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