Here are some common questions students have about the Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP):

Who can participate in the PSDP program?

The Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP), is an exclusive offering for Commerce and Management students with the Department of Management at UTM. As of 2016, the Department of Management has allowed 1st year Commerce and Management students to participate in the PSDP offering where registration space is available. 

Note: Students that do not get accepted in to either Commerce or Management programs will not be able to apply for PSDP Transcript Notation with the Department. The Department will consider PSDP points collected within a students' first year towards the Transcript Notation requirement.

When can I start and complete the PSDP program?

Students can start the PSDP program at any point in their undergraduate career (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or final year). There is no obligation for students to start early, but there are additional benefits of completing the PSDP Transcript Notation Requirement. 

Benefits of completing PSDP program early:

  • Receive your the PSDP Notation on your Official UofT Transcript early while you apply for graduate programs or full-time/part-time employment
  • Meet the requirements for the Annual IMI Awards with the Department
  • Focus on certificate program to supplement your professional development experience with the Department

Is there a cost to participate in PSDP programs?

More than 90% of the PSDP program is free of charge to students. The following exceptions include:

  • Case Competition (RSM - Marketing Conference, Show Me the Green - Sustainability Conference)
  • Specialized workshop (Marquee etc...)

Can I use the same event to fullfil my PSDP Transcript Notation requirement?

No, students can only use one event per category. To help support students complete the PSDP Transcript Notation, the Department introducing Alternative Category. The Department has identified events that meet more than one PSDP criteria. As a result, if students have accumulated more than the mininum PSDP for a specific category. They can use the additional events to meet the requirements of other categories they may be lacking PSDP points in. 

Note: Students can attend the same event the following year to use the event to meet a different PSDP category requirement (assuming that the Department has classed the event for more than 1 PSDP category).

I have more questions about the PSDP program and its benefits, who can I speak to?

You can book a meeting with Linnet Kocheril, Professional Development & Career Strategist, to ask any additional questions or concerns you may have about the PSDP program. 


Phone: 905-302-3113

Office: KN 215 - Kaneff Building

Office Hours: Monday - Friday (10 am - 12pm, 2 pm - 4pm)