Smith, Cloveth

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3359 Mississauga Road
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L5L 1C6

Cloveth Smith graduated from University of Ottawa with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Specializing in Human Resources Management and Accounting) and a Bachelor of Business Administration.  Her passion for youth development led her to complete a Master of Arts degree, focusing on youth and young adults.  She has received career/job search coach training and regularly participates in activities to strengthen her knowledge and interest in experiential and work-integrated learning.

From 2009 to 2018, Cloveth worked with the Arts and Science Co-op Programs at University of Toronto Scarborough.  This allowed her to engage with employer partners and promote the skills and capabilities of students from multiple academic programs.  Her previous experience in the community employment and private sector, in addition to working and volunteering with other non-profit organizations, provides her with a balanced perspective and understanding for building alliances with stakeholders covering multiple industries.

Cloveth’s diverse life experiences and exposure to different countries and cultures, has laid a strong foundation for her learning, and supplements her professional journey.  Her commitment to student success combined with over 17 years experience in building relationships, allows her to positively contribute to student life-skill development and industry partnerships.  Cloveth looks forward to working and connecting with you to positively impact the Department of Management undergraduate students’ experience.