Catherine Seguin

Catherine Seguin

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream (Accounting)


Catherine initiated and organized the MGT480 internship course. This course offering has provided an opportunity for fourth year Management and Commerce students to gain invaluable business experience to complement their studies.  She also serves as Dean’s Designate for academic offences in the Social Sciences.

In the business community, she has participated in a consultation on the reform of the Canada Corporations Act for not-for-profit organizations.  Currently, she serves on the board of directors of a not-for-profit organization and volunteers in numerous capacities for other not-for-profit organizations.


Catherine is a co-author of an introductory financial accounting textbook, which is being used in a first year accounting course.  She has also written a book for CGA Canada and Carswell, a Thomson Reuters business, on the topic of accounting guidelines for not-for-profit organizations.  She has also revised a study guide for a first year financial accounting textbook and co-authored a practice book on management accounting.

M.B.A., City University, Bellevue



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