Anthony Wensley

Anthony Wensley

Professor Emeritus (Accounting & Management Information Systems)



My work focuses on the development and implementation of major enterprise systems. As an outgrowth of this I am extensively involved with organizations planning and implementing major enterprise information systems both in North American and Europe. I also work with organizations and educational institutions developing digital strategies. Intellectual property is another area I work in providing guidance to organizations primarily in the biotechnology domain. I have been United Way co-chair for UofT Mississauga over the last five years and am actively involved in developing active links with the City of Mississauga. In addition, one of my responsibilities is to develop international exchange programs for our unique CCIT program with particular emphasis on the Digital Enterprise Management specialist program


The key areas of my research involve the planning and implementation of enterprise management systems. In parallel with this work I am actively engaged in research focused on Intellectual Property with particular emphasis on digital industries and the biotechnology industry. I am executive editor of the international Wiley journal Knowledge and Process Management and I serve on the Editorial Boards of 10 academic journals covering Information Systems, eBusiness, and Research and Innovation.

Ph.D., University of Waterloo
M.B.A., McMaster University
M.A., University of Cambridge
M.A., University of Surrey



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Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

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