IMI Competition Group

Group shot

Back Row (L-R): Rohun Baijal, Deepti Sanwalka, Frances Eghre-Bello, Arshad Khairullah, Pinar Kahraman, Amir Kheradmand, Tyler Genier, Sabrina Rodgers, Shyamal Lahoti, Arsh Salh, Matteo Scurci 

Front Row (L-R): Yoshita Sehjpal, Dylan Gervais, Kirari Sasaki, Bipasha Gandhi, Raina Saksena, Chris Wong

Photo: Albert Yang

What is IMIC?

The IMI Competition Group was founded in 2014 with the objective of raising awareness for the Institute for Management and Innovation (IMI) at the University of Toronto, Mississauga. This is achieved as members increase the exposure of IMI by representing it at case competitions across Ontario, Canada and North America. The Group is comprised of 20 students who are pursuing a degree in Commerce or Management. The Group is fully funded by the Department of Management to compete and receives tailored trainings from faculty and industry professionals based on the competitions the Team elects to compete in.

Positions within IMIC


Directors are the student leaders of the IMIC Group. The key responsibilities of the directors include managing the Group, serving as the main point of contact between the team and the Group’s stakeholders, and planning training sessions and events throughout the school year.


Competitors are students in their third and fourth year who represent the IMIC Group at case competitions. Competitors have the opportunity to build core skills such as analytical, problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills by attending weekly training sessions.


Mentees are students in their second year who represent the IMIC Group at case competitions with a focus on internal competitions. Mentees have the opportunity to develop their personal brand and cores skills by participating in weekly training sessions and collaborating with IMIC competitors and directors.


The IMIC Group would like to thank the following faculty members for volunteering their time to train and prepare the team for competitions and for their continued support.
Abraham Iqbal
Aida Wahid
Catherine Seguin
Dave Swanston
Dushyant Vyas
Eckhard Schumann
Ed Rieckelman
Gerhard Trippen
Hugh Gunz
Jason Tome
Kathy Falk
Kevin Yousie
Lisa Kramer
Manfred Schneider
Minlei Ye
Otto Yung
Peter Landry
Rafael Chiuzi
Robert Latimer
Tanya Kirsch
To learn more about IMIC, feel free to reach out to us at