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IMI Review by Students (IMIRS)

Do you have dreams of being a published writer?
Would you like to see your research or work in a campus publication?

Do you like to write op-eds and other pieces?

Get involved with IMIRS!  Sit on the IMIRS committee or submit articles.  For more information, get in touch with us:

The Institute for Management & Innovation Review by Students (IMIRS, read like immerse) is a cross-program student publication that shares exciting research, industry trends and op-eds

Past issues:

The aim of the IMI Review by Students (IMIRS) is to highlight the research, innovation and collaboration taking place by graduate students at IMI. Student publications include special features, research abstracts and summaries, presentation articles, op-eds and more.

The review encourages students to further challenge their research scope, recognize faculty for their contributions, and share IMI's interdisciplinary, collaborative work with the community.

If you are interested in contributing to IMIRS, please contact

IMIRS 2023-2024

  • Managerial Team: Soumya Shastri, Amit Dalaya, Lily Pan
  • Editorial Team: Jeremy Vandenhazel, Dimitri Boroto, Uswa Habib, Tanzila Ira
  • Illustration Team: Leen Madani, Nichole Zhou