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The Institute for Management and Innovation

Our world is becoming more complex every day. And the complexity of everything makes solving problems more challenging than ever before. Our social, economic and environmental systems are inextricably connected – within our communities and around the world. ​

There are no more easy answers or quick fixes.​

In this inter-connected reality, progress demands innovation. But not change for the sake of change. We need to transform the way we think to solve the wicked problems.​

The Institute for Management and Innovation empowers transformational thinking and collaboration and lets us see the world from a new perspective. Integrating people, place and purpose, our students, faculty and researchers come together to create new knowledge and share it with the world. We build leaders and give them the skills they need to harness innovation and apply it in ways that will ultimately create positive impact for people and communities everywhere.​

Institute Building


To solve the world’s most complex challenges and make it a better place for all.​


To constantly transform thinking to solve the hardest problems facing people, their communities, and societies globally. ​


Guided by our IMI culture, values and commitment to diversity and inclusivity, our programs and initiatives encourage collaboration and empower transformational, inter-disciplinary  thinking to combine and share knowledge and discover new and better solutions to the world’s wicked problems.

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