Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee (GDAAC)

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The Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee is a committee established under the authority of the Graduate Chair or Graduate Director of a Graduate Department, Centre, or Institute. This Committee constitutes part of the overall academic appeals procedures available to graduate students within the University of Toronto. (See SGS Calendar for an overview and timeline of the overall graduate appeals process.) Therefore, it is required that all graduate chairs establish such a committee at the commencement of every academic year.  Nonetheless, the Committee is advisory to the Chair who is not bound by the Committee’s recommendation.

Within the overall academic appeals procedure, the Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee has a high level of discipline-specific academic expertise to judge the academic matters in an appeal. Therefore, this Committee plays a crucial role in the overall appeals procedure. This Committee may consider only academic matters.

Decisions related to admission to an academic program, including admission to the doctoral program for current master’s students, are not subject to appeal. Issues relating to non-academic matters (for example, fees) are not to be considered by the Committee.

These guidelines will be made available to the Committee membership, and to all appellants. It is within the authority of the Chair to alter any of the procedures outlined herein, if circumstances warrant.  However, members of the Committee and the appellant should be notified in writing as soon as possible of any changes in procedures and reasons for the changes.  

In cases where an appeal moves to the next stage after the Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee, if procedures were altered, the Chair is responsible for ensuring that this information is available at the next appeal stage. These guidelines are subject to the approval of the School of Graduate Studies Council.

Members of the Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committe (GDAAC) at the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI):


  • Len Brooks
  • Tanjim Hossain
  • Leigh Revers
  • Tara Vinodrai


  • Katelyn Quesada (Moyer)